Monday, 26 July 2010

Tampere Pride 2010

When my friend Nea & I heard about Tampere Pride, we instantly knew we have to go and see what's going on there.

On Thursday, there was Sinivalkoisin höyhenin - book releasing. It's a book about Finnish drag, written by Tiia Aarnipuu. Nea bought the book, and I already borrowed it from her. Haven't started reading it yet, but I'm sure it's an interesting book!
The book releasing ceremony included drag artist NikoLa's performance, which was amazing! (He's the one on the left of this picture, on the right is the writer Tiia Aarnipuu). He sang a song which had so funny lyrics! We took a video of it, but unfortunately it looks like I've lost it, I can't find it anywhere...

After the book releasing there was Night of the Finest Drag gala show. The tickets were quite expensive so we didn't go there.. Even though it would have been amazing to see all those drag artists. Instead of that show, we went to the church.. There was rainbow prayers. I was curious what would it be like, but actually it was quite boring event really.

On Friday, I woke up too late and didn't go to Tampere at all, unfortunately. Nea went with her another friend, and they managed to see a play 'Sex & Propaganda' for free. It sounded interesting..

On Saturday there was supposed to be an open-air event, but unfortunately it was moved to inside Yo-talo, probably because it was supposed to rain on that day. Would have been nice to spend time outside though, have a picnic and so on..

This is the make up I wore on Saturday. At first I created a rainbow eye make up, but then I thought it's a bit too much and took some colours off. The blue & pink eyeshadows I used, are from Nea's neon colours eyeshadow palette, which is an awesome palette. I also love the make up Nea wore on that day, it's simple but colourful.. I hope she's going to post pictures of it on her blog! ;)

But well, we went to Yo-talo. There was performing a young drag artist, Linnea Von Kattendam. The stage was only small, but the performance was great! He's different that most of the drag artists, he was playing old crazy ugly lady. And he played her so well.

After the drag show, Nea & I went to my house. We were drinking and playing board games. We had so much fun! We were also planning what make up to wear on Sunday.

Yeah, we thought about wearing manga make up. I love the pink manga make up Nea did! It's so cute. And her eyebrows... so funny!

On Sunday, we didn't really wear the manga make up looks though, it would have taken too much time and we didn't want to wake up so early.I wore black cut crease make up. Even the drag artist liked my make up!

There was Night of the Finest Talent! happening. There was some girl singing, some girl band playing, and magician performing. And what's the best, the same drag artist who was performing yesterday too, Linnea Von Kattendam! Today (s)he played only 3 songs but it was awesome show. The stage was bigger than on Saturday, and it just was sooo good. We took videos of the all songs yesterday so I didn't want to take videos today. I took only two pictures, because he was moving so much and I didn't want to chance the settings of my camera so I could get better pictures, I just wanted to enjoy the show and not focus on my camera.

After the show he came to talk to us, he remembered us from yesterday. Later on I added him on facebook, and we talked there. He's a very nice guy! I definitely want to go to see his shows more often. :)


  1. wow that sounds so great :) sad that I hadn't been in tampere anymore =/
    would've loved to see that too!! :D

    the manga styles are so great :) you did again great work with it :D

  2. Your rainbow makeup is lovely! So intricate.



  3. @Siz: It was great! :) Yeah, so sad that you weren't here anymore.. Actually, there would be a drag show on 4th September, you are here then but.. That event has an age limit too and it's in Helsinki so.. It would be waste of money to go and try if I wouldn't get in. But I'm sure someday there's some drag shows where we can go together! :D
    I love the manga eyes! I suggested that Nea & I would wear them to Jann Wilde gig someday.. :D I didn't do so great job with it, the eyebrows are surprisingly nice but the eye make up isn't.. I like these colours more, but the blue manga make up succeeded better. But Nea did GREAT job with her manga look, she used liquid eyeliner so the lines are more sharp and the eyes really look like real manga eyes :D

    @Zabrinah: Thank you! :) The rainbow make up suited well to the theme of the Tampere Pride.. But I had to took some colours off, I didn't want to do a full rainbow make up. On the pictures you can actually see the yellow too! I didn't see it when I looked in the mirror.


  4. Omg your makeup was divine! Love the cut crease look :)

  5. Oh wow... the cut crease make up and the manga make up is super fly =)

  6. Oh no! My manga eyebrows... faail :D

  7. amazing! seems that zou had such a great time!!!

  8. @Cydonian: Thanks! :D Since doing the first cut crease look ever, I've mostly wanted to do only cut crease looks, I love them :)

    @Amandita: Thanks! :) I love the manga make up.. It's sooo creative, and fun!

    @Nea: Nooo... :DD Stunning fail ♥

    @Martwa Marta: Yeah, we did have a great time :)


  9. luv the make up ! u look putstanding. i really really like the manga eyemake up :)
    visit my blog :
    thx :)

  10. your makeup looks absolutley awesome! i want to try the fake eye look!

  11. yeahh great makeup :)

  12. I always LOVE your make up, you are so talented!!! XOXO

  13. Your make up is amazing :D
    I'm following you, would you follow me back? You don't have to if you don't want (:
    So, hope you are having a great week.

  14. Hi, I gave yoo an award cos yoo make my day every time I check your blog. thnx.

  15. @Marisa Fransiska: Thanks!! :) I'll visit your blog.

    @Jade "Purple" Brown: Thanks! Yeah, try it. There's a great tutorial on youtube. :)

    @liloo: Thanks!

    @jemina: Thanks!!

    @Eloo C: Thanks for the nice comment, and thanks for following too! :) I'm going to check out your blog!

    @Orchid: Yaay thank you!!

  16. haha that's a nice idea :) wear it out to a JW gig :) ^^
    liquid liner is a good idea to draw the lines :)
    I think you both did great job on that manga make-up :D

  17. The eye looks are creative :-)

  18. STUNNING MAKE UP!!!! I saw this fashion spread once where the make up artist drew eyeballs on the eyelids when they were closed and the effect was CRAZY COOL!
    FANTASTIC blog!
    xo The Beckerman Girls

  19. Manga makeup! Yay I love it! I used to be obsessed with Sailor Moon when I was a kid, I don't know if she's strictly manga, but she had the big eyes.
    By the way, I nominated you for a little blog award, you can check it out at Click&Make-Up
    Kat x

  20. Sounds like you had a truly fantastic time! You've been up to some really neat things! I love the pink and blue look, it's so sharp and eye-catching! The manga make-up is crazy! I'm not sure what to think of it! It's really well done, but I have to say, it weirds me out a little! O.O

    Ce qui m'inspire

  21. CRAZY!!!!! like it alot! i like crazy make up and crazy girls ;)


  22. Loving your eye makeup! :D The pink blue and purple are just beautiful. (: The manga eye make up is the cutest though haha!


  23. @Johanna: Thanks!

    @Siz: I hope Nea really will do it with me someday.. I don't want to wear that manga make up alone :'D My liquid eyeliner isn't good enough so I couldn't use it.. I'd use black eyeliner pencil, as I did when I did the blue manga make up.. But when doing this one, I used only eyeshadow because it's easier to wash off than pencil. :D

    @graphology: Yeah, thanks :)

    @Beckerman Girls: Thanks!! Oh, I haven't seen this make up look anywhere else than in Shiva Queen's make up tutorial on youtube.. But I love the manga make up :D Thanks, I'm happy to hear you like my blog!

    @Kat O: Thank you! I don't remember if I've ever watched Sailor Moon but we used to draw those characters with one of my friends who loved Sailor Moon.. :D I love big manga styled eyes! And thansk for the award!!

    @RL: Thanks!

    @Ce qui m'inspire: Yeah, I really had amazing time! It was so nice to just spend time with my friend, and also so fantastic to go and see a drag show, it was the first one I've ever seen.. And thanks! I love the manga make up, it's so creative, crazy, stunning, creepy... :D

    @Katjusha: Thank you :DD

    @Gets: Thank you!! :)


  24. Ohh sweetie, you could do a 60's make up look what do you think?

  25. I love the makeup in the pictures!!

    Anddd congrats on your award! :D

  26. Yay! Seems like you spent a lot of fun time!
    Like your make-up looks!

  27. amazing, the make up is perfection, I love your purple leo top!!!! xoxo M

  28. amazing, the make up is perfection, I love your purple leo top!!!! xoxo M

  29. wow!! great eye make-up!!
    u too expert in this thing.
    love the manga makeup..remain me to every girls character in manga that i ever read..just like cute


    hug and kiss^^

  30. What fun pictures and the makeup is awesome!

  31. Thank you hun!! Really enjoy your style =)

    And hey looks like you had fun, drag queens are both hilarious and weird in my opinion, but gotta respect the guts to do that =)

    ps. the manga make-up is really cool!

  32. wow your manga make is insane!!!! so cool :) xo

  33. this rainbow make up is so amazing!
    it looks like you've got really great week :)


  34. really crazy!

  35. everytime i visit ur blog, i always wondering that i am as talented as u r in make up :)

  36. Oh, I must have missed it.. But I went to check her out with your recent intro and gosh, I do love her makeup! Its bold like yours, but suited for asian eyes like mine. :D

    Thanks soo much for the help, you're a gem!! ^^

    Hope you're having a good weekend! <3


  37. @Johanna: Thanks for the suggestion! I just added 60s make up look to my 'make up looks to do'-list. :)

    @Ashley: Thanks! :D

    @Sandra - If it comes in pink: Heheh thanks! :D

    @Anastacia: Yeah, indeed I did! Thanks!!

    @Michaela: Thank you!!

    @Arini Desinanti Parawi: Thank you!! :)

    @BLIX: Thanks!

    @Tinja: I love drag queens! But even more than that, I adore the guys who wear make up and gorgeous clothes in their everyday life! :D Thanks!!

    @Vicki: Thanks! :)

    @Zuzia: Thanks! Yeah I had a great week :)

    @BaCreando: Yeah :D

    @Marisa Fransiska: Just practise and try different things, experiment with make up and you can be as talented as you want to be :)

    @Arushi Khosla (FabBlab): Thanks!

    @Gets: Hopefully it's helpful to you.. At least her blog shows you that it's not impossible to create bold looks even to asian eyes! :)


  38. well incase nea doesn't want to .. :) we could do that I mean ^^ I want to come already next year for my abroad term ;) (hopefully everything goes the way I want it to xD)

  39. @Siz: Yeah if you want to do it :D And even though Nea would do it with me, you and I can do it too.. ^_^ Just keep your magic fingers crossed and everything will go exactly like you want them to go! ;) x

  40. true :) with your help and my magic fingers ;) everything is possible

  41. @Siz: Indeed.. Everything is possible :) x

  42. Ahaha the anime eyes!! xxxx

  43. Wow...incredible makeup!

    Thanks for stopping by G&G, doll!

    ♥ V

  44. @Ariel: Hahah I love doing them :D

    @Grit and Glamour: Thank you!!


  45. this looks amazing! Fantastic make up!

  46. @augustlovers: Thanks!

    @TheMadTwins: Thanks :D



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