Sunday, 1 August 2010

second hand finds #3

Last few days I spent in Hämeenlinna with my friend Yvonne. We had awesome time, spending time outside and also watching some movies inside. One day we went to the flea market..

Black & white striped blouses, 1€. You can never have too many blouses.

Black jacket/blouse, 3€. I have to make it a bit tighter, then it will be perfect. Luckily it doesn't have a lining, so it will be very easy to narrow.

Eyeshadow palette, (not used) 2.9€. While waiting for my London trip and all the make up products I'm going to buy there, I wanted to add something to my make up collection. You can never have too much make up.

These magazines (Cosmopolitan, 3x Elle, Bursda) I bought from some antiquarian shop we visited too. I love looking at those pictures of fashion magazines, some of them are so inspiring. But I prefer buying them later when they're cheap. At that antiquarian shop, I also found Taboo -the musical! I didn't buy it, because I already have it. But it was so weird, I never thought they'd sell it anywhere in Finland!

But yeah, when I was coming home from Hämeenlinna, on my way from the railway station in Tampere to the bus stop, I visited some shops..

Every product cost only max. 1€ at UFF, and I just couldn't leave that shop with empty hands.

A silver tie. I love ties, but I haven't had any own tie before this. My zebra shirt dress's collar can be worn as a tie, (as I did in Vappurock) and I also have my dad's white leather jacket and his few other ties. But this is my first very own tie..

A skirt. It can also be worn as a dress. Well, it's a bit too short for being a full dress but if I'm wearing also a black mini skirt, it's fine. The fabric is lovely.

A dark grey blazer. Sometimes I love adding masculine things to my style. Like this kind of jackets, ties, hats... Etc. This jacket looks so good when it's open and I roll up the sleeves.

A black frill blouse. I love frills.

A purple/black dress. I'm going to shorten this, and probably make the neckline bigger, then this will be more wearable. Probably looks good with a black belt. I love those bat sleeves!

A red blouse from the 80s. I just love it.

When my sister saw all these things I had bought, she  rolled her eyes. Like always.. She doesn't like my style, and she doesn't like second hand things. :D And yeah, all these clothes look much better on me than they do in these pictures. Maybe I'm going to feature them in the outfit posts in the future.

There was also -50% off all the products in H&M too, because of the smoke damage that had happened. It was so crazy there, there was sooo many people, there was guard at the doors controlling how many people can get in.. Look at these pictures, people were even queueing to get in!
And you should have seen the people in there and how much clothes some of them were buying! The clothes piles in their hands.. Wow. I didn't buy a lot though, I only bought the eyeshadow palette for my friend and these few things for myself.

Two flower hairpins (which also have safetypins so they can be attached to clothes), bracelets and rings.

I can't believe it's already August! Time goes by so soon! Not a long time left till I go back to school, it's my birthday, Siz comes to Finland again, Nea and I go to London... :D


  1. You truly can never have too many blouses!!

    I love this post. Look at that skirt I love it!

    Best wishes from one blogger to another,


    And I'm excited to see what you do with that new makeup!

  2. OMG! What a great finds! Love iiit

  3. Great Haul! that eyeshadow is nice! looks great!

  4. Lovely blog!
    hahahah.Love Bowie too!
    We love Bowie!
    Thanks for comment!

    Love ♥
    /Fashion Bowie

  5. Ooh I love the red cropped blouse :) I love looking through second-hand clothes because everything has a story! xxx

  6. Really great Jonna, you rock it girl

  7. i wish its colder here so i can wear blazers :) your blazers i covet so much!

  8. LOVE all of your new purchases!!! thanks for sharing darling :), xoxo

  9. thanks for sharing with your new purchases! they are amazing, espeically the red blouse is so cool!

  10. wow! those eye shadows looks really pigmented!

  11. whoa :) such great findings!... really O_O oh and the black blouse!! definitely would've bought that too :'D
    smoke damage at H&M xD they probably never sell so many clothes again at one day ;)

    the make-up palette is great! looks like fantastic colours!

    btw... did u try those eyeshadow things that uhm "grey" one looks kinda dark and nearly black x'D if u put on more it's black... well at least on me xD haha but I'm sure it's the same when you put that on :'D funny... one thing that doesn't pretend to be black is black xD haha!

  12. @Zabrinah: Thank you!! The fabric of the skirt is so lovely. And well.. Actually I think you can never have too many clothes! :'D I'm probably going to do some make up looks with that palette soon! Stay tuned :)

    @Johanna: Thank yooou :) I'm very happy with my finds too!

    @Hershley's Sweet Kiss: Yeah it looks nice, can't wait to do looks with it!

    Danielle: Thanks, I'm happy to hear you like it :) Yeah we ♥ Bowie!

    @Ariel: Second hand clothes are the best, as you said, they have a story.. And also, when you buy second hand clothes, not everyone is wearing the same kind of clothes as you are! Unlike if you buy all your clothes from stores like H&M or others, so many people wear the same..

    @cherie: It's never cold enough there? :o Poor you. I love blazers! At the moment it's too hot here too, I can't wear them, but it's soon autumn and winter so I can wear them :)

    @jemina: Yay :) I love them too!

    @Martwa Marta: Yeah they're amazing :) The red blouse is also one of my favourites of those!

    @Siz: I wish I wasn't already carrying so many bags... I'm sure I'd have soooo many more things at UFF but my hands were hurting because of my bags, I had to get out of there soon :( Can't wait for the next every clothes only max 1€ days at UFF :DD
    Yeah.. There was a fire somewhere and the smoke went to H&M through the air conditioning things.. And now they sell all those "damaged" clothes -50% off. Even though there's nothing wrong with them, except they might smell a bit like smoke but the smell goes away when you wash them.. :D I'm sure they never sell so many clothes at one day as they did yesterday :'DD
    I like the make up palette too.. Going to do some looks with it soon :D
    Oh.. :'D I haven't tried it but well, probably it works.. If you put on enough those "black" eyeshadows, it will really be black.. :'D I've always been just too impatient, haven't put on much when already deciding "oh this is bad, this isn't black" XD


  13. Great finds! You've got a good eye.

    When is your London trip?

    Be sure to check out Barry M (Superdrug), Boots 17 (Boots), the new Topshop makeup line,Eyeko(Superdrug),Jelly pong pong(9 Shorts Gardens) and Illamasqua (Selfridges).

  14. wow, so many new stuff! flea markets are the best spots to score great items. sometimes real stores don't have this kind of things.

    about the blouses, they are part of my summer uniform so to say. i love them because they are large and i pair them with the shortest-shorts underneath. don't ask what looks i get on the street, but it doesn't really matter :))

  15. You can never have too much make up!
    And yay for getting loads of cheap clothes!
    When is your trip to London? I'm sure you will have a blast, I loved London and hope to drop by on another trip soon-ish myself...

  16. One can, though, sadly not own enough blouses to say that one can never have enough. I own barely any, but I dislike spending money on something so... basic :O I Shall though!

    Thanks for the comment and follow :)

  17. haha too many bags xD well that's a problem a really searious one xD you need a bag carrier!! x'D

    I'm so surprised that a shadow saying it is not black turns out to be black :) this way is much better than black as night and being grey O.ô

    that's so weird but hey there was cheaper clothes then ;) and they sure got lots of money xD

  18. oohh im totally loving the blazers!!! i always scout thrift stores for those! :D

    Animated Confessions

  19. What amazing finds!
    Nothing beats second hand shopping...not only is it likely one of a kind but the prices are great!
    Loving the stripes...I'm a big fan of frills too
    Thanks for your comment :)

  20. Is that a magazine from the 80s there?! Oh my gosh... can't imagine what's in there!

  21. @Glowing Doll: Thanks! I go to London in October, I'm sooo looking forward to it! Thanks a lot for the tips, I'm going to check all those out when I'm there! I hadn't even heard of most of those, but Illamasqua was already on my "to check out" list. :D

    @Daiane: Indeed! You can find so special stuff at flea markets, most likely the real stores don't sell stuff like that :)
    Yeah the looks you get on the street doesn't really matter, the main things is that you enjoy your outfit! I think it surely looks great.. I love the contrast of large and short clothes. :D

    @Pili: You're right, you can never have too much make up. Cheap, amazing clothes are always a great thing! My trip to London is in October :) Yeah, I'm sure I'll have a blast. I've been there twice before and I absolutely love that city!

    @Tania: Blouses are quite basic on their own, but they can be combined with different things in outfits and they can look amazing, not basic at all :D

    @Siz: Heheehh yeah you're right, I'd have needed a bag carrier XD But I was there on my own, I hadn't even planned to go shopping, I had no idea there was all garments only 1€ at UFF and all products -50% at H&M so.. XD Next time UFF has a 1€/all clothes day, I'm so going to go there with empty hands so I can shop more :'D
    You're right, this way it's much better than black being not black... :D
    They sure got lots of money, especially if their insurance might have given them the money for the "damaged" clothes too..

    @libys11: Yeah I love blazers too :D

    @Porcelain complexion: Indeed! Second hand shopping is the best :)

    @Sarah @ Pandora's Box: Yeah, that one magazine is from the 80s! I haven't read it yet, just quickly went through the pics but yeah there's some stunning clothes!! And also, to some of the clothes there are patterns too. :D


  22. Hi!
    It's my first time here
    I loved the black frill blouse!
    I love finland (I saw that you are finnish) and I'm learning finnish...
    I'm following you...I loved your blog!


  23. I love the frilly blouse! There's no good shops near me that have good second hand stuff anymore, and vintage stuff is soooo expensive in London :(

  24. haha well next time you will have your own bag carrier with you ^^ not empty hands ;)

  25. such gorgeous finds from the flea market etc!
    Love it :D

  26. @Manias de Benetti: Thanks for your sweet comment, and thanks for following too!! I'm happy to hear you like my blog. Heheh but I'm very surprised that you love Finlanda nd you're learning finnish! I see you're from Brasilia.. :o I've never heard of anyone brasialian who likes Finland :DD

    @Robyn: I love everything frilly ♥ Oh that's sad :/ There's no cheap vintage/second hand shops, or fleamarkets in London at all?

    @Siz: Hahah I definitely will ;D

    @Silkybow: Yeah I love them too :D


  27. Hi Jonna!
    Yes, I love the finnish culture...I'm sutying finnish...I have a lot to learn...By I'll try to comment here in finnish next times :)

  28. Those are some really awesome finds! I especially like the black/white striped shirt and the black one with frills. I heart your blog! :3

  29. Beautiful vintage stuff:))

  30. great stuff :D
    interesitng blog and post
    I'll visit you :)

  31. great finds! I'm always happy when i see something I love and its about 5 euro!

  32. Can't wait to see your make up looks with that new colors

  33. @Manias de Benetti: Oh that's interesting! You have lots to learn, I'm sure finnish isn't one of the easiest languages to learn.. Yeah, feel free to comment here in finnish! :)

    @C.M: Indeed! Thank youu :)

    @minnja: Yeah :))

    @behindblueeyes: Thank you! :D

    @L.: Yeah, it's so great to find amazing cheap stuff :)

    @johanna: hahah me neither. I haven't felt like doing any make up looks lately though, don't know why :/


  34. lovely buys
    i love the black jacket and the black frill blouse

    thanks for the lovely comment on my blog :)

  35. Awesome finds! You are absolutely right...a girl can never have too many wearable. Love the eyeshadows...the color pallette is so very pretty! :)

  36. Fabulous finds, darling!
    Love the blouses!


  37. I love shopping at second hand shops. You find some fun, nice things for great prices.
    Great post!

  38. The Black Jacket is amazing! I totally love that :D

    check out my blog if you want :)

  39. Never a bad thing to have one more striped blouse :-)

  40. I adore your stripy blouse and that black jacket. Don't listen to your sister, you have great style! (:

  41. I love the black frill blouse, you can never have too many blouses!!

  42. I love, love, love the first jacket!

    tweet tweet tweet


  43. @aurora: Thank you!

    @Cat: Indeed, so wearable, comfortable and versatile! They suit to many different looks. :)

    @Couture Carrie: Yeah they are, thanks!

    @BLIX: Second hand shops are the best place to shop :)

    @Denise Fernandes: Yeah it's very nice :D I'l check out your blog!

    @E: Yeah I agree :)

    @Skyline Eyes: Thank you!! I don't listen to her, no one's comments can affect my style :)

    @ryan: Indeed!

    @Clare: Yeah me too :)


  44. omg, love that blazer! ;) i think it will look nice oversized too though! ;)

    xoxo Mode Junkie

  45. @Mode Junkie: It's awesome! I know, it's nice even when it's oversized, and I LOVE oversizes clothes anyway but from some reason I jsut want to make this a bit tighter.. Only the waist though :)

    @TheNadTwins: Yeah it is :) I love how I can wear it in my hair or clothes or bag or anywhere!


  46. that eyeshadow is amazing :)

  47. Wooow great things you found from UFF,and only 1 euro each!!

  48. @Zagura: Yeah it is :)

    @Tinja: Indeed! I love those days when every thing costs only 1€ at UFF :D



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