Tuesday, 10 August 2010

back to school

My long summer holiday just ended, and I had to go back to school today. The 2½ months holiday went by so fast, and I had amazing time! Gigs, make up experiments, photography, blogging, ice cream, shopping, reading, friends, happy loneliness, lazyness .. That was my summer! I managed to do 8 out of those 16 things in my to-do list for summer , which is quite good achievement as I didn't look at the list during my holiday at all.

I'm happy to go back to school though, I've missed my classmates and the amazing sewing machine I can use at school! The first thing we're going to make is a blazer. I still have to think of what kind of blazer I want to make.. I like these two blazers, maybe I have to do something between them? I have to search for more inspiration and sketch something.. But please feel free to suggest something, (describe or post links) if you think you know something I might like! :D

This is the make up I wore today. Just a simple look, though different and more colourful than any look I wore at school last year. If you like this look, you can use my Penelope Cruz make up tutorial but do it with different colours. Eyeliners you can put around your whole eye as I did on my tutorial, or to the outer corners like I did today. It's up to you.

I also had my hair done few days ago, got a new haircut. Much shorter.. No more LONG hair at the back of my head! I hadn't even thought about cutting my hair so short, but it just happened, hahah. But I don't regret it at all, short hair is so easy and comfortable! Next time I'm probably going to make it even shorter.

This is my outfit of the day. Such a dark look.. But yeah, I adore that blazer! It's one of those clothes I bought at UFF. The black shirt I'm wearing is actually my little sister's, I've just been borrowing it lately.. So funny, I borrow my mum's large clothes and my little sister's small clothes too.

How are you all? Still having your holidays or back to school/work yet? :)


  1. You are beautifull Jonna with your haire like that, love it :)
    This makeup is nice and soft, love it as well :)

  2. Your hair looks awesome :)

    No holidays for me :( Our schools summer holiday is normally only 6 weeks though, kids go back to school start of September

  3. Hi!
    How beautiful eyes!
    I loved your look and your hair
    It looks really nice
    I saw at finnish newspaper that today would return the class at some cities
    Have a nice day


  4. Ooooh love the hair... and the outfit! I wish I could pull off stuff like that.

  5. @liloo: Thank you!! :) heh, have to wear a soft make up look when the outfit isn't so soft.

    @Robyn: Thanks! :D Aww, hope you've had some time to relax anyway! Kids have only 6 weeks holiday there! Wow, it seems like there's some things better in Finland than in UK, hahah. Glad I've studied here.. Our holiday starts in the end of May and we go back to school about on 10th August or near that date.

    @Marina: Thank you!! :) Yeah some schools here started today, some tomorrow. Have a nice day, you too!!

    @Cydonian: Thank you! You can pull whatever stuff you like! :)


  6. I LOVE that black blazer, and I heart your make up and Oh My, you look stunning in your new hair cut babe!!! LOVE it!!! xoxo

  7. Amaziiiing make up!! ohh I bought some lace shorts

  8. The new haircut looks great on you!! I've been wearing my hair shorter than usual as of late too, and I love it!

    And that make up look is great! Something else to try at some point for sure!

    I'm still at work, though next week I'm getting a week off, let's see if the plans I made for it will fall through or not...

  9. Oh wow u already started, sounds early but it also sounds fun, I start at the end o september...
    Oh I really liking the preppy nerdy look =) I saw a couple of blazers from hm that are super hot... check them out =)
    Oh yeah I nominated you for an award =)

  10. Have fun back at school with your sewing machine! And the makeup is lovely, I wish I could apply eye makeup as good as you do!

  11. I love the look! I can't wait to see your finished creation!

  12. très jolie, et des yeux magnifiquement bien maquillés

  13. Your hair always looks unique!
    Nice eotds!

  14. wow that's great opportunity to do a blazer that looks similar to Boy George's :)

    that's good I know the holidays are short but still you miss the ppl and so :)

    still having holidays ;) as you may know ^^ ;D

    the shorter hair looks great :D fits you very good :D I like it!

  15. ohh noo my scholl started 3 days ago.. i dont want go to school and skipped it lol
    but my dad will kill me!! haha
    i love wearing blazer too :D

  16. Your hair suits your face perfectly! Awesome makeup too :)

  17. love your make up. simple but gorgeous.
    the pink blazer is just awesome!

  18. Love purple on you!

    Nope, just working all year 'round for me. Never changes!

  19. asymmetrical hair! i love it so much! you know, if one day i will decide to cut my hair shorter i will cut it asymmetrical, it is awesome!

    also, about the blazer (wink!) i would definitely suggest you to do the shoulders similar to the black blazer, but the color of your blazer should be something bright like that fuchsia on the left. i think it would look fab without being too over the top.

    yay, i love your outfit of the day! dark colors with some color here and there, i adore this style, i often do this too. i also did an outfit post yesterday, haven't done one in months! :D


  20. I love the purple! You are tooooo damn pretty.

  21. Gosh, I love the touch of purple! I need to start playing with color!

  22. I love that nerdy line from F21 - it's too cute!

    Your eyes look soooo good!

    Yep, I take all my photos myself..the boy isnt too keen on being my full time photographer, so I just use the timer :) xx

  23. LOVING the eye make up!
    It's stunning :)

  24. @jemina: Thanks babe!!

    @Johanna: Thanks!! Aww, lace shorts, sounds awesome!

    @Pili: Thanks! The shorter hair is so comfortable, and it feels much better when the weather is hot too..
    I'd love to see the make up looks I've done and you've tried out too :D
    I suppose the plans you meant is the same you said on your blog and yeah looks like it works out, ENJOY!! :)

    @graphology: Thanks :)

    @Amandita: Oh, I suppose your holiday started later than mine then?
    The nerdy look is gorgeous and well, that black blazer I put a picture of too, it's also from H&M :)
    Thanks! I'll check it out, as soon as I have time to catch up with all blogs..

    @ryan: I definitely have fun there with it :) Thanks! I'm sure you could apply make up at least as well as I do. Just try different things, experiment :)

    @T, the Bee: Thanks! It will take time till you'll see the finished creation, at first we have to do lots of other things, and practise.. Patterns etc.

    @agnes: Merci!!

    @Anastacia: I love unique things :) Thanks!!

    @Siz: I don't know what is a wearable blazer similar to Boy George's, I don't want to make such a laaarge blazer (I already have two of them!) and well, if I make it right size, it looks almost like a normal blazer so.. I just have to make something. :D
    Yeah I know you're still having holidays, heheh and soon it's your second trip to Finland ♥
    Thanks! This haircut is very similar to the one I had, everone don't even notice the difference. :o Even though I cut LOTS of hair, like 20cm or more.

    @ipehishere: Oh, you don't like school? That's bad :D Heh you shoudl be a nice good girl and go to school and do your homework and avoid your dad killing you lol :D Blazers are awesome!

    @Eye of the Beholder: Thanks!! :)

    @Zuzia: Thanks ♥

    @BLIX: I love purple too! Oh, never holidays?? That's sad. Luckily you have weekends though..

    @Daiane: I love asymmetrical hair, and everything else asymmetrical too ♥ I cut my hair asymmetrical because.. Well, I wanted to cut my hair short but I new I'd soon regret doing it so I wanted to keep some of the long hair too. Heh :D
    Oh, we seem to have very similar ideas :D That' exactly what I had thought too!! Thanks :) I suppose that's the way I want to do it. I really hope I'm going to find such a brigh fabric for it..
    Thanks!! :D I'm going to check it out as soon as possible.. I have so much catching up to do with all blogs.. :/

    @Heather/Eyeconic: Thanks! :)

    @E: Thanks! Playing with colour is always a good thing :D

    @augustlovers: The nerdy line is amazing!
    Thank you! :)
    Oh nice! Your pictures are always so nice. I really have to start finding new places to take pictures with the timer too :D

    @..R May A..: Thanks!! :)


  25. yeah soon I'm again in Finland <33 :D

    hm... maybe somehing that looks like B-Rude blazer? so you would still have some in BG style ;)

  26. My holiday ends soon and I can't wait for the adventure that waits for me... I really like both the blazers, hard to pick just one =) Also I love the UFF blazer, and your outfit! I also borrow my little brother's clothes sometimes hehe :)

  27. @Siz: Yaay ♥
    The main thing about B-rude blazers is the print.. And I don't know if I'd know how to do such prints. :D I couldn't get it as nice. I have some new ideas now, but I should try to draw them.. I haven't seen anything like it, and actually I don't even know exactly what I think XD But something black and white, graphic, with interesting weird hem? Don't know yet..

    @Tinja: Yay, you must be sooo excited to start at that school :D
    Thank youu! :) I often borrow my mum's, and sister's.. heheh. large and small. :D My brother actually borrows my jeans! Or I gave them to him. I don't wear trousers.

    @kendal croix.: Thanks! :)


  28. LOVE the hair! I had my hair like that (or similar concept) 2 years ago but it was flat and just weird. Yours is just BEAUTIFUL! awesome makeup!

  29. @ALMat101: Thanks!! :) I love asymmetric haircuts, no matter if it's flat or fluffy :) x

  30. WHY DO I LOVE YOUR HAIR SO MUCHH. I'm growing mine out right now but this is EXACTLY the cut I've been wanting.. waugh.. your'e beautifull

  31. @tomi: aww thank you!! ♥ x


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