Wednesday, 4 August 2010

inspiration: Boy George

I thought I could start doing inspiration posts on my blog every now and then. I want to post pictures of some gorgeous people who have really inspired me somehow.

And, what would be better way to start it than sharing some pictures of Boy George, my number one favourite singer. He's not just a amazing singer and songwriter, he also has gorgeous style, and his make up looks are stunning too. (I wonder why haven't I done Boy George inspired make up look yet!)
He also seem to have a fantastic, interesting personality, at least that's the impression I've got of him when reading his books, watching interviews, etc.

He has affected a lot in my life, since I first heard Culture Club songs, I started to discover who I am really and what do I want in life, and also somehow through Boy George I've heard of most of the other bands I listen to these days too. And I don't know, maybe without Boy George I wouldn't have ever even thought of moving to London someday. The first time when I went to London (in January 2008), it was only because I wanted to go to Boy George's concert there, and while I was in London then, I fell in love with the city.

But yeah. Boy George is just absolutely gorgeous and very inspiring. ♥


  1. I agree with you he is such original and has a great style ;)
    Thx for sharing this with us, it's giving us the opportunity to know more about you :)

  2. Fab inspiration, darling!
    Love his "guy liner"!


  3. I agree! Boy George is such a style icon, and he tends to be sadly overlooked as inspiration lately. Great post!
    And thanks for your sweet comment on my blog!

  4. You really REALLY need to do this make ups

  5. He was so great in the 80s:)))

  6. Boy George is an amazing crazy man! :)

    Thanks for your comment on my blog!

    I'm about to have a little look around on yours! x

  7. yes, great inspiration!! i have always been fascinated by his make-up and hair!! he definitely has an awesome style!!

  8. Hey there..
    interesting blog, I'm following you now ;)

    Elaine Valerie

  9. He has amazing and expressive style. He's shocking and inspires:)


  10. that first photo is awesome x

  11. the perfect way to start inspiration posts :) couldn't have made a better decicion coz he is really fantastic! :D

  12. oh yeah, you'd better do that makeup how-to!

    you know, i was thinking... he still looks outrageous even today, imagine all the impact he must have originally encountered back in the day. what a character!

  13. Gosh his makeup's so bold! I absolutely love the one with the headdress? and electric blue eyeliner on the lower lash line. He looks so pretty! :D I know he's male and all, but that's the word that came to mind lol :D Definitely inspirational, I'd so love to see your inspiraed makeup look if you do one! ((:


  14. I love his crazy fashion taste, and his make up is always so awesome! He's adorable. + Thanks for the lovely comment, I'm sorry for the late reply, and i just did a new post on some very exciting news. Check it out?
    Panda xx

  15. Ohhh, I loved Boy George since I was little! He's always been special to me! thanks for sharing xoxox

  16. oh, I love him, he´s amazing. I adore his unique style! xoxo

  17. @liloo: Indeed.. He's amazing. :) And thanks, it's very nice if someone is interested in getting to know more about me.. I always love learning more things about you too ^_^

    @Couture Carrie: Couldn't find mroe fab inspiration :D

    @carlyjcais: Yeah, sadly.. But there's some people (like me) who still really see him as an inspiration, so he's not totally forgotten :D Thanks!

    @johanna: I know! I was going through his pictures and choosing the ones I want to use in this post.. I was sooo surprised, I was wondering, why the hell haven't I done Boy George make up yet! As I said, he's my number one inspiration etc.. Why haven't I tried his make up looks even though he has had so many different gorgeous look! The only Boy George related make up looks I've done are Worried About The Boy make up and Taboo make up but they're not exactly Boy George make up looks. I really need to do one though!!

    @minnja: He was great, and he still is :)

    @jemina: Indeed!

    @augustlover: He really is amazing man :)

    @Anastacia: Me too!

    @augustalolita: The best possible inspiration :D At least for me.. He really has an amazing style, I love his make up looks and hair styles!

    @Martwa Marta: Indeed!

    @Elaine Valerie: Thanks! :) I'm glad you like it!

    @behindblueeyes: Indeed :)

    @Charleston: Yeah! I think they all are :D

    @Siz: You're right.. The perfect way to start these posts :) He really is fantastic.. :)

    @Daiane: I definitely will! I just looked at these pictures again.. there's so many make up looks I want to do! I just can't understand why I haven't done any before. :'D I'll do some, soon!
    Yeah, you're right.. It surely hasn't been easy to be just a outrageous character.. But he's fantastic, and so strong!

    @Gets: Yeah, I adore that make up look! The blue eyeliner looks so gorgeous. I think I want to recreate that look too! :D Males can be pretty too, I think :)

    @Panda: He's really gorgeous and has amazing style :) And no problem, I'm not always so fast replier either :) I'll check it out!

    @ryan: Awesome! I'm so happy to hear that. I so rarely meet any people in real life that love him.. So it's great to meet people online who have something like that in common with me! I was already nearly 15 when I started listening to Boy George's music, that's when I heard about him for the first time..

    Michaela: Indeed!! :)

    @TheMadTwins: Yeah! :)


  18. that is crazyyyy makeup!!!!(: love it!

    and btw thank you for your sweet comment! what would we do without self timeer :O lol. <3

  19. Ohh yes you do! I'd love to see

  20. @Anna Mae: Crazy, creative, amazing.. :D I love it too! And yeah, I have no idea what we would do without self timer! Pictures would be sooo boring, always close ups until we find someone else to take pictures for us!

    @Johanna: I'd love to do it and I will! As soon as my hair is re-dyed so I can take pictures without showing my roots.. lol :D


  21. Ohh thank you so much. Yeah it's a princess ring ahah

  22. Oh man, the early 80's would have been crazzzzzy! I can totally see you there!! xx



  24. You're a doll, its so hard to find pics of George online!

  25. I do like his style
    he s a truly man with an unique fashion style

  26. love love LOVE boy george and culture club. i am anticipating the day when he goes on tour in the states!

  27. Thanks for your lovely comment. Like your blog! Hope you will follow my blog too?

  28. You really should do a Boy George inspired make up look!
    & he's a complete style icon, thanks so much for sharing :)

  29. so inspiring

  30. @johanna: You're a princess!

    @augustlovers: It would have been amazing!! Hehhe I could totally see myself there too.. But unfortunately time machines aren't invented yet!

    @SAM: Boy George is amazing and yeah thanks for following! :)

    @Robyn: Oh,couple years ago I used to collect pictures of him, I searched from different sites and saved them to my computer. Unfortunately my computer broke down and I lost everything I had, and m collection isn't as big anymore. Anyway, you can find many gorgeous pictures of him from this site: There's also lots of pictures of other amazing people, like Steve Strange etc.. :)

    @Lee Oliveira: Indeed :)

    @style haus: Awesome! I love them too. Too bad he was banned from the states, but he's been talking something about Oprah on twitter and she might get him back to the states! Unfortunately he has never came to Finland where I live, but I've went to London and his concerts few times :)

    @Theonlyfashionprincess: Thanks! I've saved your blog to my bookmarks and I'm goiong to check it out every once in a while when I have extra time.

    @..R May A..: I definitely will do a Boy George inspired look soon! :)

    @Carmen: Yeah he is!


  31. Ah, I love boy george too!

  32. Boy George's makeup... absolutely fierce! I'd love to see a Boy George inspired look.

  33. Wonderful inspiration! Very 80's.
    Loving your blog, thanks for stoppping at mine :)


  34. Aaa that third pic is sooo awesome! I love that make up! ^_^ Maybe I should try it.. those eyebrows are big enough to cover my own haha :D

  35. @BLIX: Yay :)

    @Mz. More: Indeed, so fierce! I will do one.. or more Boy George inspired looks soon!

    @Chloe: The most wonderful inspiration :) i LOVE the 80's!

    @Nea: All those pics are amazing! But yeah the third one is something that I wanna try too.. I remember I was thinking about doing that look like ages ago, but I didn't have any yellow or orangish eyeshadows then.. Those eyebrows are gorgeous! But yeah, try it out and let me seee! :DD


  36. Have you heard of the MTV USA show 'The City'? She's on that =)

    She's a real bitch! But totally gorgeous! x

  37. Sorry! Comment overload, I should have just written this in the last comment :)

    Thank you! I love my cardi too - it's very comfy xxx

  38. These are such fabulous pics!!!
    I love seeing how his eyebrows change over the years :P
    Your blog is HOT!!
    The Beckerman Girls

  39. Boy George oh yes!!!!!!

  40. @augustlovers: Yeah, I think I've seen that show once or twice, though I didn't watch it long enough to get to know who is who :D I didn't like that show really, I didn't even know if it's trying to be some kind of reality show or are the actors just so bad.. But yeah, she looks gorgeous!

    @Beckerman Girls: Thank you! I adore all of these pictures. It was so hard to chose what pictures to post.. I uploaded more than 50 pictures at first, but well I though it would be a bit too much hahah :D His eyebrows have always been so amazing!

    @marina: Definitely yes :))

    @Kim: Indeed!


  41. He does have amazing makeup! xx

  42. Hei Hei!
    I loved the pictures!

    Hauska päivä!
    [It's right what I wrote?]

  43. i agree!
    hes amazing <3

  44. @Ariel: Indeed!

    @Manias de Benetti: I love these pictures too, he always looks gorgeous! Yeah you wrote it almost right, it's 'hauskaa päivää' :) Only one letter missing, it's still understandable! :D

    @Zahira: Yeah ♥



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