Sunday, 15 August 2010


I finally bought myself a hat. Well, two hats. I haven't ever had a hat, even though I've been "mentally wearing a hat" for the last two or three years. (meaning= I've wanted to buy me a hat but for some unknown reason I haven't bought one)

I was meant to buy only the black one, but the red was so cheap and I just couldn't leave it there.

I adore the black one, it suits with any outfit and saves me from 'bad hair days' too!


  1. hats, i love hats! i read somewhere they make you stand out in the crowd and they draw attention to your face -> i've tested that and it's too true! welcome to the club ;)


    p.s. my fave is the red one!

  2. these hats are great :)
    I want to get me a black one too :)
    .. well a normal hat like you have ;) coz I own a top hat and a hat that is white with black stripes but I want a hat that is all black and no top hat ^^
    (though I want to do the mad hatter top hat xDD I already started but I need some fabrics for finishing the hat)

  3. Aah, I love the hats :)

    I wish I could pull off ones like those!

  4. Love the black one, but I can see why you bought the red one too, it's great!

  5. I LOVE your hats, and I think both colours are fabulous :))

    Wishing you a wonderful day


  6. black one fits with any outfit indeed, but the red one will brightened in any basic outfit also. love them!! i also been wanting to buy myself a hat but somehow haven't buy one. lol

  7. Nice buys! I agree, black is safe, goes with everything but red is such a lovely color!

  8. @Daiane: I love hats too! That's so nice, and true! + They cover your bad hair days too :DD
    My fave is the black one because I can wear it with anything, I still haven't even tried the red one :D

    @Siz: Normal hats are so nice :D I'd love to get a B-rude hat too! I used to have a hat with white (or grey?) stripes, and a skull print on the side. I wore it only few times but I didn't like it anymore XD

    @elfpixie: I love them too :) Why couldn't you pull off ones like these?

    @Princess Feef: Me too :)

    @ryan: Yeah I love it too, thanks! :)

    @jemina: Thank you!

    @mellisa: You're so right :) Thanks! Heh just like me, I've wanted to buy a hot for a looong time, but didn't buy myself one until now :D

    @Tinja: Thanks! Yeah I agree :)


  9. ^^ yeah but I think my white hat doesn't suit me so well :D xDD I need a black one and the bad thing is every time I tried a hat (that was cheap) it didn't fit >.< it was too big! O.ô that's so mean! maybe I should try makin' my own "normal" hat xD right after I finished my mad hatter xD hat


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