Tuesday, 3 August 2010

blog awards

I've received few blog awards lately, and I just want to say a huge thank you to you all now!

I received this I ♥ your blog award from these four gorgeous girls:
Gets from Wasted Seventeen
Ashley from All of Your Beauty
Tinja from Yours truly forevermore, Brangwen
Orchid from Orchid

Lovely Johanna from sketchbook six passed on these two awards to me.

Awesome Kat O from Click & Make Up! awarded me with this award.

Thanks you all!! I really appreciate those awards you gave me. Makes me so happy to hear my blog is liked. But well, this time I think I'm too lazy to follow the rules of those awards, tell things about me, post pictures, pass the awards on.. etc. I just wanted to thank you!!

I think maybe I could start doing blog recommendation posts though? Every once in a while, I could share few of my favourite blogs here?
What do you think, would you like me to share my blog favourites here? :)


  1. you deserved those awards honey ;)
    It's a real pleasure to read your blog and discover your world :)

  2. @liloo: Thanks hun :) Makes me so happy to hear that. I started this blog just to kill time, write for myself but. I'm so happy I've met so many amazing people here in blogosphere :D x

  3. You deserve the awards babe!!! wishing you a lovely day :)) xoxo

  4. Awe! thats a lot of awards! congratulations!

  5. yaaay for the awarders! you definitely deserve it!

  6. that's a nice idea to do recommentation once in a while :)and tell about favorite blogs :D

  7. @jemina: Thanks!! :)

    @Anastacia: Yeah, thanks!

    @Martwa Marta: Thanks!

    @Siz: Yeah I think it's a nice idea too.. Recommendation posts are surely much more interesting than just me giving blog awards to some blogger and just mentioning their name here. :D


  8. yeah true when you do such posts you can tell about the post and why you like it so everyone knows what's the blog about and why you like it so much :)


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