Sunday, 8 August 2010


I saw this view in Tampere and I was like wow, it' almost s like "London Eye" and "Big Ben" and I had to take a picture of it. Hahah.

But yeah, not a long time left till I'm really going to London! Nea and I are going there in October and I'm sooo excited ♥ I'd be glad to receive some recommendations where to go and what to do there in London, like what clothes/vintage/make up stores we should check out, and if there's some great clubs we could go too.. Anything you'd recommend us doing there. So if you live in London or have ever been there and have some ideas what to do there, please leave a comment below and share your recommendations, I'd really appreciate it! :)


  1. It's been quite a long time since I went there, but I'm sure there'll be loads of people who can give recommendations!

    I loved Candem market, though! ;)

  2. I love london !!!

  3. Wow! trip to London sounds very exciting! Have a lot of fun!

  4. I live in London! When you're here you should go to Camden Market, its amazing and there are loads of cool pubs and bars and clubs in Camden for the night time too. If you're there at the weekend go to Portobello Road Market, there's lots and lots of vintage- and get cupcakes at Hummingbird Cafe! If you want to do something fun look up All Star Lanes, its an awesome 1950's bowling alley, there are a few of them. And do all the museums because they're free - the Natural History and Tate Modern are my fave and I think you'll like the Victoria and Albert too :)

  5. love that pic! it does remind me of the london eye. :) never been to london but definitely on my list

  6. I spent a few days there a couple of years ago and my favourite experience was definitely the Tower of London. You MUST visit it. And don't just explore yourself, but wait for a beefeater to gather a group for a free tour. They're very experienced and entertaining.

  7. omg! LONDON! how exciting! enjoy every minute of it, hon!

    i've never been there, so no recommendations from me... ok, just this one: have lots of fun!!



  9. awwww lovely pic ,, no i mean awesome view ! i love it ,

  10. How Exciting, Enjoy your London time sweetie :)) xoxo

  11. You are SO lucky! I'd love to go to London!! You'll have to take TONS of pictures!! x

  12. I miss Londonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn :(

  13. @Pili: I think I have to go to Camden Market too :D Thanks!

    @Johanna: I love it too!

    @behindblueeyes: Thanks! :D

    @chicwolfgirl: Me too ♥

    @Anastacia: Yah I'm so excited :) I definitely will have lots of fun!

    @Robyn: Lucky you!! I hope I'll be living there in two years too :) Thanks a lot for the suggestions! I write them down and we're going to check them out :) Museums are free?? I didn't know that.. Cool!

    @style-haus: Yeah it reminded me of London eye too, that's why I took it, hahah :) London is definitely the best city in the world, definitely worth visiting!

    @Coco: That sounds interesting, thank's for the suggestion! I definitely want to visit it! :)

    @Daiane: I will enjoy every minute of it, i LOVE London!! :) Heheh thanks, that's a good recommendation and I'll definitely do it and have lots of fun!! :)

    @minnja: ME TOO ♥

    @Princess Feef: Yeah, I love it too because it so reminded me of London :D

    @Jemina: Thanks, yeah I will! :)

    @augustlovers: Save money and go! :D I LOVE London.. And yeah, this time I definitely will take tons of pictures! I've been there twice before but haven't took so much pictures, just focused on another things..

    @liloo: Aww, it's so awful to come back home from London, I know :/


  14. Great picture! have never been to London, but hopefully soon...:)SarahD

  15. Camden Town... :) I loved this part of London ^^
    and the Claires there was no in Finland when I was there ;) but I know they're too in England ^^ and they have nice stuff like my brushes ;) and big make-up palettes!

  16. i love your new header pic...the colors and the soft tone to it. cheers!!!

  17. Hi babe! Thanks, it was awesome! I'm fine, just tired but my shoes are dry already :) We saw one girl crying when she heard that Mötley won't play :(

  18. LOVEEE LONDON! Can't wait to study there

  19. Are you coming to study here? That'll be so cool!

  20. You are too sweet! Thank You! I'm following you too!!

    PS - is it wrong that I like the guys polka dot shirt more than I like Abbey's outfit? ha ha!x

  21. i've never been there. but i would love to go to LOndon one day!!

  22. @SarahD: Hopefully! It's a great city :)

    @Orchid: Yeah thanks, I definitely will have fun! And thanks, the header pic is made by my lovely friend Nea!

    @Siz: I love Camden too :D There's sooo good looking people, I love the punks there :D And yeah I'm going to the Claire's too, I have to see the stuff you've talked about :)

    @Tinja: Glad you had fun! I'm sure there was many girls crying because of that :/ Well, I heard they're going to play there next year. Hopefully weather won't kill that plan too :D

    @Johanna: You're so lucky to go to study there!! ♥

    @Robyn: I don't think I'm going to study there, I just want to move there after I graduate here, I want to try to find a job and live in London :)

    @augustlovers: Aww thank you!! You're so nice :) Heheh it's no wrong, I like the guy's polka dot shirt more too :D

    @Vivian: You definitely should go, it's amazing city!! :)

  23. oh and the good thing about claires is in england (well when I was there it was like that) you can compaire the price really good coz there they write the € prises on the tags too :)

  24. @Siz: Oh really? That's great! I hate pounds, because they always look so cheap.. Hahah. I can't really convert the prizes from pounds to euros, all I know is one pound is more than one euro. So it's great there's € prizes too, so I'm not like "oh it's so cheap!" if it really isn't :D x


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