Thursday, 12 August 2010

everyday make up

Today was my third school day after holiday, and for some reason I did the make up look I used to wear for the whole last year at school. Well, the title isn't the best possible, because as I've said, I haven't had a specific everyday make up look lately, I've been trying so many different looks almost everyday during my summer holiday..

But yeah. This is the look that used to be my everyday make up look.

I don't think this will become my everyday make up look now when schools started again. Even though I don't have lots of time to to my make up in the mornings, I've experienced so much with make up during my summer holiday that I have other quick make up looks in my mind that I can do. Not the same everyday anymore, it would be too boring for me now. 

I'm suffering from the lack of time now because of school, so I don't have so much time to spend online as I used to have when I still had my holiday. I love reading your comments, and I'm going to reply to every single one of them as soon as I have time!! And I'm going to check out your blogs, and also new blogposts from the blogs that I follow, as soon as I have time!

And I have sooo many ideas, what to blog about.. Yeah, of course. When you have lots of time, you don't know what to blog about but when you're busy, new ideas just keep coming to your mind. Well, I'm trying to everything I can with the little time I have. :)


  1. I love this look! I love how you haven't only used neutral colours, like most everyday looks :)

    I may be trying this out sometime soon <3

  2. Awesome look! I think it's a great everyday with style look, but of course, it's better not to repeat too much! It's so much fun to try new things!

    Don't overwork yourself!

  3. hehe that happens to me to lol ... Im loving the make up... have fun in school =)

  4. Awe, seems like you can doing dramatic make-up at school! Looks nice!!

  5. Love it love it love it!!

    you are such a pro in makeup!

    I love the hairstyle
    please you have to show me how to do the adam lambert make up!´


  6. Love it, smokey eyes during the day is amazinggg!

  7. I always LOVE your make up babe, and as always you ROCK!!!

    Wishing you the loveliest day


  8. wow the make-up look looks so good xD I think mine was booring nothing like that just the whole lid black and some silver at the top beneath the eyebrow xD and of course some black eyeliner xD with what I made a thick line beneath the eye ...

  9. super awesome ,, i love your style <3

  10. @elfpixie: Thank you!! :) I've actually never used only neutral colours. This is the most neutral look for me. :) Before this, I used to wear only mascara and tiny bit of khol, and I don't even count it as a real make up because it didn't make so much difference, I really didn't use much.
    Yeah try it out and I'd love to see it too :)

    @Pili: Thanks! Of course it's good to have some make up look in mind what you can wear when you just can't think of any new looks to wear. This is great look like that, because it's black it also suits with whatever outfit I'm wearing. :D But yeah it's lots of fun to try new things!
    Heh, I try not to overwork myself. No problem otherwise but it just worries me how left behind I'm with all blogs and so...

    @Amandita: Thanks!! :) Yeah, I have fun there. I really love being at school :D

    @Anastacia: Thanks! Heh, I don't find this make up so dramatic, to me it's quite boring and normal.. But it's easy option if I can't come up with new ideas and I'm in hurry.

    @aGdame: Thank you!! :) Adam Lambert make up tutorial, ok thanks for the suggestion! I can do that. I add it to my "make up looks to-do" -list and do it as soon as I have time! :)

    @Sarah: Thanks!!

    @Jemina: Thank you hun!!

    @Siz: Thanks! :) Your everyday make up isn't boring! :D Well, to you it might feel like that because you probably wear it so often. Just like me, I'm sick of this make up look really, I've worn it too much. :'DD Though now it was quite nice, after 2½ months break.

    @Princess Feef: Thanks! ♥

    @liloo: Thanks :)

  11. yeah after a break it feels nice again but not if you start to use it everyday again! :)

  12. your hair is so cool! love your blog! new follower :)

    follow our blog?

  13. @Siz: Yeah :) I'm not going to start wearing this look everyday again.. Though of course I can't wear different look EVERY day. But not the same every day either :D

    £Chezelle and Spectra: Thank you!! :)) I'll check out your blog!



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