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Galliano's Flower Garden inspired make up

I've seen few blog posts about Christian Dior Haute Couture Autumn / Winter 2010-2010 collection already, but I wanted to share this gorgeousness with my followers too. This is absolutely stunning, mind blowing collection. It's so over-the-top, feminine, flowery, garden themed collection with lots of tulle and vibrant colours.

John Galliano got his inspiration from flowers, as you can clearly see. I love how colourful this collection is, compared to many other autumn/winter collection. I think this is exactly what gloomy dark autum/winter season needs... Lots of colour and dramatic, fascinating shapes!

The models had inverted cellophane bouquet wraps on their heads, and gorgeous hairdos testing gravity..

The make up was geometric blocks across the models eyes in bright colours.

 (all pictures above from

I also wanted to do a make up look inspired by the make up looks for this collection.

Products used: 

1) H&M concealer
2) Laboratoires Contapharm - eye care maquillage white liner
3) H&M - Kitty Beach Party yellow eyeshadow
4) Ludinelle - violet des andes 09 khol pencil
5) H&M - Kitty Beach Party purple eyeshadow
6) Wet N' Wild - kajal & eyeliner black black
7) Bobby Brown - charcoal 12 black eyeshadow
8) Ludinelle - khol pencil, brun syrien 04
9) Oriflame - beauty power curl mascara
10) Rimmel London - stay matte pressed powder 001
11) Markwins International - lipstick


  1. AMAZING, you are fabulous, love love love, xoxo

  2. Yeahhhhh love it you've done a great Job :) i love thé gallianos makeup show. I'm pretty sure that the mua was Pat Mc G ???

  3. i love the color explosion! and your make up is absolutely stunning!

  4. love these bright shades and how you did your makeup. you should doa tutorial

  5. Absolutely amazing collection in every way - the hair and makeup and obviously the dresses!
    Great recreation of the eyes - so colourful!
    Thank you for visiting our blog
    Greetings from Ireland

  6. Wow, that's absolutely stricking! And you did a great version of it!
    Too risque for my style, but brilliant nonetheless!

  7. Jemina: Thank you!!

    liloo: Thanks :) I loved his show.. The clothes and the make up were all amazing! I don't know who the make up artist was, I tried to look for the info but couldn't find :(

    Martwa Marta: The colours are stunning! Thanks!

    Sahi: I love the shades too. So bright and amazing.. And thanks! I think this make up look doesn't need tutorial, anyone could easily just copy this look just looking at the pic.. :)

    Wardrobe Wars: Indeed! Absolutely amazing. That guy is soooo talented! And thank you!! :)

    Pili: Thank you!! :)


  8. WOW. Love it. Great make up hun!

  9. Love this! I love the way you're mixing up fashion and make up, awesome!

    tweet tweet tweet


  10. I like that you made your eye look a little more rounded. Beautiful!

  11. Lovely make-up.I m make-up artist.Kisses from Portugal!

  12. Wow, this is really cool! I love your interpretation.

  13. Hey love the bold purple lips. Very creative.

  14. you deserve the award. You're the best

  15. Sigh, I wish I could afford Galliano.... Some of the dresses really recall tulips and they're my favourite. Hopefully this style will be replicated on the high street, although obviously less extravagantly.

    I love how the models' lips were kept the same colour. You did a really good job, I could see your look on one of the models.

  16. Thanks for the comment! =D

    Following you now =)

  17. This is absolutely stunning. Great job xx

  18. This is absolutely stunning. Great job xx

  19. Wow! This is amazing!! I love the makeup and the hairdos that go with this collection.
    You have done a wonderful job of recreating the look. Amazing :)

    Thankyou so much for your kind comment and for following! It means so much :)


  20. ThanQ for posting those such inspirational pictures! Very nice!!!

    You look so professional on your pictures!

  21. Awesome makeup!!!
    Great post<3


  22. thx for ur sweet comment :)

    wow !
    awesome fashion !
    and great make up ,
    wonderful post ;)

    check my new post,

  23. wow wish i could get as crazy as yoo...respect!!!just love and enjoy seeing your talent with every post,cheers!!!

  24. The dior make up was again so original, love the way you did it on yourself, well done!

  25. wow this one is fantastic :) it looks really good <3

  26. Johanna: Thanks!! :) You're awesome.

    Clare: Thank you! Fashion and make up are the two things I love most, I think it's a nice idea to try to mix them up sometimes :)

    T, the Bee: Thank you!

    Ariadne: Thanks!

    Heather / Eyeconic: Thanks!

    Alee: Thanks!

    RaeRae: Me too.. But probably I won't ever be rich enough, or I should save money for YEARS to get even one dress.. :/ Indeed, I hope this style will be replicated on the high street, but not made too boring and simple!
    And thanks!! :)

    Hoteloscopy: Thanks! :D

    Ansa: Thanks!

    Rebecca: Thanks!

    Miss Violet Bell: Thank you. :) I love everything about that collection. Those last two dresses would be perfect wedding dresses for me :D Hahah. And you're welcome :)

    artistique-med: Thanks!

    Anastacia: Thanks!! :)

    sayablack: Thanks! :)

    Rebecca Clairine: Thanks! ^_^

    Monica Kosasih: Thanks! :)

    Orchid: Why couldn't you.. :) Don't have to go out wearing make up like this but you can try out whatever you want at home! Thank you! :)

    Ddays Of Our Live: Thank you! I loved the Dior make up. Again. :)

    Siz: Thanks :) ♥ I loved this collection!


  27. amazing makeup!!!congrats!!!really cool blog!kisses

  28. You did a really good job or re-creating this amazing look.

  29. flora and fauna. amazing makeup....

    i love these photos! really helps synthesize the collection even though that's never really completely possible ...

    <33 [v] hobovogue

  30. Love all the vibrant colors from the clothes to the make up - and yours looks AMAZING!!

  31. this is fab! i love your inspiration!

  32. great makeup looks aweome i love this post

  33. I love all the bright colors. And your makeup looks awesome!


  34. Great job doll! I love the purple my fav color! hugs

  35. tchan tchan tchan.. YOU HAVE AN AWARD!

  36. Just found your blog, AMAZING.

    xo Lynzy

  37. wow, this is so amazing! i'm glad i visited your blog because i'm really inspired to try something fun! i've been wanting to experiment with makeup for some time and this is definitely a good spot to come for inspiration!

  38. wow...that is so cool >.<
    i'd never thought we can do this with our make up
    maybe i'll try.. :)
    btw thanks for the visit :D

  39. those floral dresses are amazing, and look like something out of a Tim Burton movie. I love the bright eye make-up, and the way you applied it as well.

  40. the floral dresses are lovely !
    i love your dramatic eye makeup very much too :)

    thank you very much for your comments !

  41. Love the collection! The huge flowers in the background make them seem like tiny fairies haha :D Such a great post, I love how your makeup corresponds so beautifully to your source of inspiration! :D

    Thanks for your lovely comment too, I left an award for you on my blog! :D Go check it out <3


  42. amazing!!! i really enjoyed this post, your very talented! :) x

  43. wow! love love the post! your makeup is amazing, you are truly talented!


  44. I love the geometric blocks of eye shadow; they look so angular and cool!

  45. awesome!

  46. You are a makeup genius! Your makeup is gorgeous and flawless! What a fantastic look. I love all the bright colors. I wish I could do my makeup this way, but I am horrible at makeup in general. Sigh.

  47. those galliano looks are fabulous! reminds me of the flowers at monet's gardens--i took a ton of photos them last summer when i went. amazing makeup! i wish i could do even the simple stuff. haha. can you give me a mini tutorial!?

  48. oohhh
    I saw the Dior Haute Couture in some fashion blog's tweets
    i couldn't agree more
    John Galliano is a genius
    i love the vivid colors

    cool make ups!
    i know I've said this before but I have no luck in make ups
    i always look like I use no make up or like a clown
    but not you
    that bold purple eyeshadow is awesome!

    i'm terribly lame at taking my own pictures too!
    to get one decent pic, I have to at least take 20 shots!
    so I guess the key is perseverance!
    would love to see your make up with the prefect outfit pics :)

    check out my latest post

  49. thx for ur sweet comment :)

    keep updating !

  50. the runway models look like pretty parrots! that eyeshadow is cool

  51. Amazing photos and nice make up. ;-)

  52. John Galliano's talent and creativity always astound me. I'm really loving the multicolor eye looks. I don't know that I would wear it on the street, but I think it's quite striking the way you adapted it.

  53. where are you? I miss you my make up artist

  54. Wow.. Received so many comments while I was gone! Thanks everyone. ♥

    Dani Banani: Thanks!!

    A Stylish Mixture: Thanks!

    hobovogue: Thanks! :)

    Cindy Whitehead: Thanks!! The collection is amazing and so is the make up looks for it..

    Madi: Thanks!

    knk: Thanks!

    Valerie: Thanks! Bright colours are the best.

    Taj Acosta: Thanks! It's one of my fave colours too :)

    Johanna: Thanks darling! I'll check it out soon, while reading your other blog posts I haven't read yet either :)

    Lynzy: Thanks! I'm happy to hear you like it.

    calivintage: So strange to get someone like you to visit me, someone who I've been following for a looong time, who has LOTS of followers too and probably doesn't check out every blog of the people who comment on her posts :DD Thanks a lot for your sweet comment!! Would be nice to see your make up experiments on your blog too :)

    Orchid: Thanks! I think... We could do absolutly ANYTHING with make up! ;) If you try this, would be nice to see the results on your blog!

    muchlove: Thanks! I agree, those floral dresses are amazing. :) To be honest, I haven't even seen any Tim Burton movies..

    michelle_: Thank you!! :)

    Gets: I LOVE this collection too. Hahah, you're right, those huge flowers make them seem like tiny fairies :'D Even though those flowers in the background are so bright, they'er not bright enough to draw the attention away from the dresses :D And thank youuu!! ♥ Thanks for yous sweet comment, and the award! I'm going to check it out, when I'm reading your other new blogposts I haven't read yet :)

    Amy: Thanks!! :)

    Jazzsquared and Macksquared: Thanks!

    Jennifer Fabulous: Awwww, thanks a lot for your lovely comment!! I'm flattered. :) But I'm sure you could do even the simple stuff, and anything else! Just play with make up.. And experiment.. I'm sure you'd be talented with make up too! What kind of tutorial you'd like to see? I can do a tutorial.. Just give me an idea what tutorial :D

    Stevia: John Galliano really is a genious.. I don't know many designers yet but so far, he's probably my favourite!
    Thanks! I know you wouldn't always look like a clown.. Just try different things, experiment, have fun with make up! :)
    Taking own pictures is very difficult.. :/ Wow, lucky you if you only have to take 20 shots! Sometimes I have to take more than 200 to get even a one good one, and even then I can find something wrong with the pic and I don't like it...
    And I'll check out your latest post very soon!!

    Rebecca Clairine: You're welcome :)

    starcakeastrology: Hahah, yeah :)

    Tom: Thanks! :)

    Liz, love.: Thanks and you're welcome! :D

    Becca: He's gorgeous. My new designer favourite. :D Thanks! I'm not sure if I would wear this look on the street either.. Probably I'd make this little less dramatic look if I wore this on the street..

    Johanna: Awwww. ♥ I'm back! I just posted an update post, and I'm now starting to catching up with all blogs I follow.. Missed you too!!


  55. Totally cool! Has an 80's glam rock feel to it. :-D

  56. I love the makeup!! You really pull it off.

  57. Nice list of inspirations!


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