Friday, 16 July 2010

Jann Wilde @ Fenix Café on 16th June

This was a unplugged gig, where only Jann and Robin were playing without the rest of the band.
I haven't posted any pictures from this gig yet, mostly because I wanted to wait till Nea's friend will send the pictures he took of us & Jann, but it took him sooo long time (and he still hasn't sent them) and I almost forgot about it.

So, I want to post these few pictures now, because there's going to be two Jann Wilde gigs this weekend..

Well, if I someday get those pictures of me & Nea & Jann, I'm going to add them here and let you know about it..

I don't have pictures of the make up I wore that day, luckily.. I forgot to apply mascara and didn't notice it until we arrived to the gig place! And I didn't even have my mascara with me.. I once had a nightmare about creating amazing make up look, then going out and  noticing I forgot mascara.. And now it came true! (Even though my make up was't so amazing then..). Has that ever happened to you, have you forgot to put on mascara? Well, to some people it wouldn't even matter but my own lashes aren't naturally so dark..

I'm now getting ready to go to Tampere, dying the red splotch in my hair.. I know what make up look I want to try to do today, I might do a tutorial of it too if it goes well.. It's just so weird how excited I am about the forthcoming gigs! Even though I've been to sooo many Jann Wilde gigs.. I'm still so excited to go again! Well, today's gig is going to be very special.. But I don't even know yet if I can get in! Let's hope for the best!


  1. Can't wait to see more of your looks! They are all very creative and interesting!

  2. Hopefully you will show us the pictures of your make up in the next post, happy weekend darling, xoxo

  3. Nice photos!!!!!

    And oh no, about the mascara! Yeah, when we tend to have worst nightmares, those things happen.

    But I really like your blog!

    Best wishes from one blogger to another,


  4. Great shots - I feel like I was there!!

  5. awesome photos !
    sorry about the mascara there :/

  6. Awesome photos! I wish I could have been there. :)

  7. Looks like a cool gig!! I can't wait to see your next tutorial!! xoxoxoxoo

  8. I'm lucky I don't really need mascara, cause I have very dark lashes, but it's always a nice touch!

    I can't wait to see the new tutorial!

    Oh, and I hope you had a great time at the gig!

  9. Hey Jonna! :D Glad you had fun, and I'm sure you look good even without mascara! (: I forgot to put make up on too haha.

    Loving your previous look too, I've never tried eyeliner in any colour save black, but it looks so good on you! :D

    Thanks so much for your sweet comment too, it really made my day <3


  10. Lovin these candid photos. Can't wait for the new makeup looks :)

  11. looks great x

  12. @Anastacia: Ohh thanks! I'll do some looks soon.

    @Jemina: I'm going to post make up pictures quite soon. :)

    @Zabrinah: Thanks! :) After I saw the nightmare, I always made sure that I remember to put on mascara so it wouldn't happen, but time goes by and I almost forgot the nightmare.. And then I forgot the mascara to! But well, it's not sooo serious if that happens.. I survived. :'D

    @Cindy Whitehead: Thanks! Wish you were :)

    @michelle_: Thanks! :) Yeah.. It was quite annoying that I forgot it, after noticing what's missing I felt as if I didn't have make up at all! I had, but mascara was missing so.. it wasn't complete. But, I survived. :'D

    @Jennifer Fabulous: Thanks! Aww maybe someday you could see them live. They're amazing. ;)

    @Fashion Cappuccino: It was a very nice gig! Next tutorial is coming very soon :)

    @Pili: Oh, lucky you! I need mascara.. My lashes aren't naturally so dark. :/ The new tutorial is coming very soon! And yeah thanks, I had a great time at the gig!

    @Gets: Aww thanks!! :) I think no one else even noticed I didn't have mascara, I asked my friend and she didn't notice it :'D But it felt so weird to be without it!
    Thanks! I'd recommend you to try other colours too.. ;) You might be surprised how good they look on you too!

    @Sarah: Thanks! The new make up is coming soon :)

    @Charleston: Thanks, it was great :)

    @Johanna: Yeah, it was :)

  13. hey jonna tks for visitting my blog..yeah there a few mistake i have fixed it..hope u can see the pictures this time :D


    hug and kiss

  14. @Queen D: Thanks! I'm going to check them out now :D x


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