Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Basso & Brooke SS 2010

I've rarely looked for any fashion things online before, other than what I see on blogs.. But today I browsed and looked at the pictures of some collections. There's sooo many of them.. It would take forever to go through them all! And of course there's lots of other sites with inspiring pics too.. I just wanna see them all!

I love reading blogs where people post inspiring pictures of designer's collections, like Clare's blog. I thought that maybe I could start sharing some of my favourites what I find online too.. My blog isn't all about make up, even though it has lately looked like it was. Because my holiday started, I haven't had chance to sew so I've focused on experimenting with make up. Well, I could sew but I don't like my home sewing machine.. I'm so used to use the amazing sewing machine at school so my own one feels not good enough.

These are my favourites from Basso & Brooke spring / summer 2010 collection. I LOVE those colours, prints and shapes, I'd wear all of these designs anyday. If anyone of you happen to have some of these designs laying in your wardrobe useless, please get in touch and I'd be happy to buy them from you. hahah.

And one design from their autumn / winter 2010 collection.  Absolutely gorgeous and wearable.

(all pictures


  1. Aww, thank you for the mention! I'm so glad you've started posting designers, very good start :)

    tweet tweet tweet


  2. WOW, these are amazing, LOVE this, xoxo

  3. Such a great great collection

  4. The first blazer/dress is to DIE for!

  5. Do you want another suggestion for make up?50's! Pin-up make up what do you think?

  6. wow some of those are really fantastic and the prints are fabulous :)
    well I'm not that into fashion ;) so I've never looked around for some collections but I like B-Rude ;) Boy has some really cool things designed ^^ that's really the only design stuff I looked up :)

  7. michelle_: Me too :)

    Clare: You definitely deserved to be mentioned :) Love your blog! And thanks :) I'm glad too.. I was always so excited to see these things on other people's blogs, and I still am, but I just can't get enough so I have to look for them myself too :D

    SarahD: Indeed :)

    jemina: They really are!

    Johanna: Yes it is.. Amazing :)
    Suggestions for make up are always welcome! I'll do the 50's pin up make up in the near future too! Thank you ^_^

    Fashion Butter: Me too!

    Siz: I think they all are amazing. I wish I could find fabrics like these..
    I've just recently became into fashion, just like I've just recently became into make up too.. As you know though, I don't like any of those expensive things, like we've talked about all expensive brands etc sometimes.. But, blogging and seeing gorgeous designs has really made me into fashion, some designers are sooo inspiring and I love seeing pics of their stunning designs!
    You're right.. B-Rude is amazing ^_^ It's the only design stuff whose clothes I have :'D I have one t-shirt and one top.. Hahah. I don't want to bu expensive stuff, but I've thought about buying a B-rude tie or a hat when I go to London next time. Though I know they're expensive.. :D

    Robyn: Yeah.. I think they all are to die for!

  8. Awesome collection!

  9. Awesome collection!

  10. omg you own some of that B-Rude O_o you're lucky xD :) that's really cool ^^ I too would buy me stuff there =) coz his style is so amazing!

    hm.. true never seen such fabrics before but perhaps you'll find something similar one day :) just keep your eyes wide open ;)

    well liking stuff doesn't mean you buy it so why not liking expensive stuff but buying cheap stuff? that's what I do... xD if I could affort the goth shop would be empty you know?! ;) but I ownly own 1 skirt and 3 dresses of that goth store... and all my other clothes have been really cheap ^^

  11. Hey princess, go check on my blog. You have an award.

    Love, johanna

  12. Stunning collection! I love it! x

  13. I love the collection, the colors are amazing. Thanks for posting!!!

  14. Ooh, I LOVE the use of color - what a gorgeous collection!! :)

  15. thanks for sharing! I was drooling over the fantastic designs! post your outfit photos too! I'd love to see! Cheers!

  16. I'm TOTALLY into geometric print dresses and ankle boots right now too

  17. Love the prints, they're bold and gorgeous :D Loving the right one in the third row most of all. Really great pictures, such an awesome collection ^^


  18. wow cool outfits cool girls looks amazing here


  19. Love this collection! It is so funky and colorful. My favorite piece you have pictured is the one from the fall collection. Absolutely beautiful.

  20. ah I know it doesn't fit with that blog post of yours ^^
    but my cousin asked me if someone of your relatives is a smoker.. coz she collects these packages.. and she asked if I could bring along such empty package...

  21. I love so many things about these pictures. The bright colors, the geometric shapes, and the dark lipstick! Gorgeous!


  22. Chelsea and Korina: Yeah it is!

    Siz: Yeah, I bought two shirts when I visited the B-Rude shop in London in 2008 :) Last time I forgot to go there.. lol. They're gorgeous! Too bad they're so expensive though :(
    Yeah I'll keep my eyes open :'D
    Yeah you're right.. Liking expensive but buying cheap :') Hahah.. Maybe it's good that you can't afford the goth shop XD So everyone can buy few pieces.. not you them all XD
    And about the smoke package XDD Yeah, I have smoker relatives.. I asked my mum if it would be ok that she gave an empty package (lol why not), and she said she just have to buy a finnish one.. She's been lately smoking those from Estonia which dad bought her. Hahah, that's so weird and funny thing to collect.. :D

    Valeria: Indeed! Absolutely gorgeous. I love everything about these pics. :)


    Johanna: Thank you!!

    Ariel: I know. :) I love it too!

    minnja: You're welcome. It's stunning collection.. I want those fabrics ♥

    Cafe Fashionista: Indeed!! :)

    Mae Manahan: They're really amazing, I love these. Oh, I used to post some outfits but it was quite difficult to take pictures on my own.. But I can try. ^_^

    Das What She Said: Me too. They're gorgeous.

    Gets: Me too :D Sooo gorgeous collection, but still I think all these designs are wearable! Can't even say which is my fave, because they all are.. :D

    knk: Indeed!

    Sunny & Star: Absolutely stunning and wearable. I'd love to get all of these..

  23. yeah B-Rude is fabulous :D.. this time you shouldn't forget to go in there ;)

    haha xD yeah maybe it's better that I can't afford everything in that goth store... ;)

    ah that's cool thanks :) my cousin will be very happy about that ^^ ... she started collecting when she was 14 or 15 xD now she has so many but well not so many different languages :) and this time it's a good possability to get a finish one :D thanks!

  24. Siz: I won't forget.. i NEEd a new bookmark, I've used this one for over 2 years XD lol, when I bought those shirts from B-rude, they gave me a card where's a picture of guy and address and adress of the shop.. I've used that card as my bookmark ever since XD
    Hahaha.. I think it's quite weird to collect those empty packages, but that's just fun. :D Now she has a good possibility get a finnish and estonian one too! :D


  25. well theen xD if you've used this card as bookmark.. and it's now not like new anymore ;) then you really really badly need a new one :)
    my bookmark is Rocky Horror :P I made it myself ^^ maybe I could show a picture of it on my blog :) I like it a lot!

    yeah she will be surprised if there are two packages .. :) that's really a good possability.. and it's better to get the empty ones than to smoke all that cigarettes to get the package xD


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