Wednesday, 14 July 2010

blue & purple make up

This is totally unplanned make up. Yesterday I was in hurry, getting ready to go to Tampere and pick up my Austrian friend Siz from the airport. I had only about 15 minutes for doing the make up before my bus left, and I thought I'm going to do some simple blue look with black liner. Well, instead of the black liner I used blue though, and somehow the make up didn't look fnished yet, I needed to add something purple too. I've worn purple eyeshadow almost everyday, a little amount of it or more, but at least something purple in my eye make up.

The heat is killing me here, so I haven't done many make up different make up looks lately.. But I promise, I will do the looks you've requested, and some tutorials too quite soon!

I'm getting even more happy with my Hello Kitty eyeshadow palette. Look at how this purple looks like in this make up.. Not the same like it was in purple & black dramatic make up or mermaid make up! This palette is very good and cheap palette, the colours seem to be very versatile! :)

 Products used:

1) H&M concealer 
2) H&M - Kitty Beach Party blue eyeshadow
3) Laboratoires Contapharm - eye care maquillage liner, outremer (blue)
4) (unknown brand) - purple kohl kajal
5) H&M - Kitty Beach Party purple eyeshadow 
6) Luminelle - Péché mignon eyeshadow amande vanille
7) H&M - Kitty Beach Party white eyeshadow 
8) Ludinelle - khol pencil, brun syrien 04
9) Rimmel London - stay matte pressed powder 001
10) We Care Icon - magnetic lips perfect shine lipgloss
11) Oriflame - beauty power curl mascara (forgot to put that to the picture)

So, as I said in the beginning on this post, I went to pick Siz up from the airport. She came to Finland from Austria for the first time, and this is also the first time we ever met! When she goes back to Austria, I'm probably going to post more pictures of us and tell what have we done here together. But now, you could go to check her blog out, she writes daily about her experiences in Tampere and posts pretty pictures!! :)


  1. Pretty makeup! You have gorgeous eyes!

    lovely blog :)

    Cheers, Jesa

  2. @Jesa: Thanks! :) Actually, I've recently started liking my eyes too.. Because of my blog I have to take those close up pictures and I can see the colour of my eyes better than when I look in the mirror and I like it :'D

    Johanna: Thanks!! Aww, I've missed you too! I've just been super busy lately and haven't had much time for doing blog posts or reading others' blogs :( Really, I should never stay out of blogger for so long (4 days), there's far too much catching up to do after so long break..


  3. Wow super pretty! :) You have gorgeous eyes!
    I always love your posts hehe <3

  4. This is so pretty, love this combo ;)

  5. I think the purple definitely makes this look! It gives the eyes definition :)

    I hope your friend has a lovely time with you :D

  6. @FashionGirlMonica: Aww thanks!! I'm glad to hear that you like them. ♥

    @liloo: Thanks :)

    @RaeRae: Yeah, this look was far too boring without the purple on the crease and the outer corner. :)
    Thanks! I hope so too.. She loves Finland so I'm quite sure she has a great time here :D Check out her blog for updates ;)

  7. You're going to wear out that palette :D Purple and blue is always a good idea x

  8. Ooooh, I really love that blue liner! So pretty against your eyes :)

  9. So nice choise of colors! Very light and pretty!

  10. I really love the make up!!!!!!!


  11. only 15 min for the make up ^^ didn't look like that I thought you had loots of time to do that pretty make-up ^^

  12. You have such gorgeous eyes!! And I absolutely love that look!

    I hope you gals have a great time! And I await more tutorials with anticipation!

  13. Very neat and pretty, have fun with you friend =)

  14. you talk so good about that hello kitty eyeshadow pallete that i bought one for myself too lol
    and you're right, it's really good, i've been doing almost all my make up with that pallete ^^

  15. How beautiful, I love the mix of blue and purple, XOXO

  16. wow, I love your hair and your make up! thanks for stopping by at my blog.
    I'm holding a giveaway, please join my giveaway! it's open internationally! xoxo


  17. You girls look so pretty and I love your make up- you do amazing work!!

  18. Oh Jonna, it would be wonderful to meet you! You live in Tampere right? That would be so cool, I'm totally in! Wherever you live I can jump on a train and we could like spend a day shopping, sitting by a nice café, take photos, sit somewhere on the grass and do nothing. I guess if you love make-up (and you do), then we have a lot to talk about :DD And I can tell you more about the school I'm going to! hihi :)

  19. Wow I like your make-up!
    I'm so jealous 'cause I don't think that I can make that cool make-up myself :D

  20. Oooh, I love the purple!! I wish I could do that for my eyes this morning..haha! Looking forward to more of your tutorials! xoxooxxoo

  21. @Robyn: You're so right, I'm going to wear out that palette :'D I think purple will be the first colour I'm going to run out of! When you look at my palette, you can already see it's the most used colour.. :'D

    @Cydonian: Thanks! :)

    @Anastacia: Thanks!

    @ipehishere: Thanks! ^_^

    @aGdame: Thanks!!

    @Siz: Yeah, only 15 mins.. I was rushing, I had to do make up fast so I can run to the bus stop in time.. Though, when I went there, I found out that I had looked at the timetable for the buses from Tampere to Nokia instead of the opposite which I should have XD So there went no buses when I thought there would and I had to wait longer.. Lol so I rushed in vain.. hahah. Anyway, thanks!! :D

    @Pili: Thanks!! :) I think my friend is having great time here.. I'm so happy for her, and I also really enjoy spending time with her :D And yeah, I'm going to post more tutorials soon!

    @Amandita: Thanks, and I will have fun with her :))

    @Abby: Oh, that's great!! :D I want to see some of your look what you've done using that palette!

    @Jemina: Thanks!

    @Bella Francisca: Aww thanks!! :) And thanks for letting me know, I'm going to check that out!

    @Cindy Whitehead: Oh thanks!! :)

    @Tinja: Oh it really would be amazing to meet you! Actually, I live in Nokia, which is right next to Tampere.. But I spend lots of time in Tampere..
    That sounds sooo nice! :D I'm sure we'd have a lot to talk about, and it would be great to habng out with you someday.. Just let me know when are you coming and I'll meet you at the railway station ;DD

    @graphology: Thanks :)

    @Jasmin: Aww thanks! Don't be jealous.. Just take your make up products, sit in front the mirror, and start experimenting! ;) I'm sure you could make some amazing make up looks!

    @Fashion Cappucino: Thanks!! :D I'm sure you could do this for your eyes in the morning.. This is very easy and simple look ^_^ Nice to hear there's people looking forward to the tutorials.. I'm so going to do some tutorials soon for you!!


  22. ohh the same here. It's really difficult to pack and then you need to put your make up matching and the shoes and necklaces and so.. Argh so difficult
    Loving this look with the blue line

  23. It's so hard to rock a full make up look when it gets hot and humid! I love what you've done here, the blue and purple look really awesome together.

  24. @Johanna: Thanks! And good luck with packing :)

    @Becca: Thanks! My eyeshadows have stayed on surpisingly well despite of the hot and humid weather.. But, when it's so hot, I just couldn't be bothered to do any make up looks or anything else.. :/


  25. Love the colors you used, blue eyeliner, never thought about it but I'll now.

  26. Love how soft and girly this is. You look surprised in the pics. :-)

  27. @Ddays Of Our Lives: Thanks! It's nice to use different eyeliner colours than always just black one.

    @BLIX: Thanks! Hahah :D


  28. hahaha xD that coul've been me ^^ when I want to go by bus somewhere on saturday or sunday I always look at the time for mo-fr xD

  29. Do you have a glass eye or something? 'Cause in all of your pictures your eyes are in different directions.


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