Saturday, 3 July 2010

sunny summer make up

Johanna asked me to do a wearable summer look for the beach. Maybe this look would be wearable beach look? At least it's very summery. Hope you like it!

I also sent this look as an entry for HeidiB's summer contest. Even though this is such a simple look and I don't think I have any chance to win (I read some comments and there's some really talented girls entering too!) but well.. you always have to try. :)

This is the lipgloss which I won from Nelliina's giveaway long time ago. I haven't used it a lot, because it didn't look good with my red hair. But now I'm free to use it! Love the pink colour, and the shine..

Products used:

1) H&M concealer
2) Laboratoires Contapharm - eye care maquillage white liner
3) H&M - Kitty Beach Party yellow eyeshadow
4) H&M - Kitty Beach Party orange eyeshadow
5) H&M - Kitty Beach Party white eyeshadow 
6) Ludinelle - khol pencil, brun syrien 04
7) Wet N' Wild - kajal & eyeliner black black
8) Ludinelle - blue kohl
9) Rimmel London - stay matte pressed powder 001
10) Grimas - eyeshadow rouge 544
11) Oriflame - beauty power curl mascara
12) We Care Icon - magnetic lips perfect shine lipgloss


  1. i like that you´re always experimenting! it´s never odd. cool!

    thanks for your loyal and always sweet comments ;)

  2. Love it =D it really screams the word "summer" :D
    I did the tag, and now i tag you! (the same questions hehe)

  3. Love the colours you chose! And it is a very summery look, I agree! And it looks great on you!
    I love that lipgloss colour too!

  4. wow that really is a summer thing :D it looks fantastic you did a great job with that one :D

  5. Great look, love this combo on your blue eyes :)The blue waterline is great, well done ;)

  6. love it, its very summery... that HK palette is gooooood =)

  7. I love yellows and oranges, they're so good on blue eyes! And I love the blue on the waterline too :) Awesome as always x

  8. OH! It's so beautiful! Love the look, you're always so nice to me.
    I'm sorry for the late comment, I was out all day. I really like this look Jonna.
    Thank you so much for your sweet comment, adorable!
    Love, johanna

  9. Oh i like this a lot! You make that lipstick look sooo amazing! It pops and shows so well with your skin tone :)

  10. katjusha: Thanks! Experimenting is sooo much fun :)

    Ansa: Thanks!

    Abby: Thanks :D That was my intention.. To make it scream the word 'summer' :D Going to read your tag answers soon!

    Pili: Thanks! :)

    Siz: That's how it was meant to be.. A summer look :D Thank you!! :) Lol I'm sure you love this so much that you're wearing this look everyday ;) Your fave colours... hahah! So weird, when I did the purple & black dramatic look I said I'm going to do more dramatic looks as I really loved it.. But, what have I done after that.. Orange and yellow looks. lol

    liloo: Thanks :)

    Amandita: Thanks :D It is good palette.. I'm here to show that iot's possible to achieve nice make up looks even with cheaper products :'D hahah

    T, the Bee: Thanks!!

    Robyn: Thanks :) I wanted to ad the blue waterline to make this look a bit more interesting..

    Johanna: Thank you!! :) I'm nice to you because I like you and you're nice to me too! :D No problem, just comment whenever you have time.. Of course the real life is the first priority and blogging is after that ^_^

    Eye of the Beholder: Thanks!! :) The lipgloss is so pigmented that it's more like glossy lipstick.. And it smells lovely! :D


  11. xD you can do anything that comes to your mind just write down the other ideas that come :)
    my flag lip wasn't planned at all xD haha and somehow it's weird to come up with that idea when trying to recreate some really colourful lips haha ^^

  12. Ohh you're so sweet, you deserve all of that words and yes, you're a truth make up artist.
    Love, johanna

  13. Siz: you're right :) Hahah it was quite weird to come up with the flag idea when starting do rainbow lips.. :')

    Johanna: Aww thank you!!

    Hersley's Sweet Kiss: Yeah it is! :)


  14. yeah xD but hey.. that's really just how my mind works ^^ lol

  15. Siz: Hahah.. Nothing wrong with that :D The flag lips were a nice idea ^_^

  16. ^^ yeah I like that idea of flags on the lips :) so I'm glad I got it... perhaps I'm goin to wear that look at uni once.. when there is some holiday in suomi that's being celebrated ;)

  17. Unrelated, but I love your sweater! Really cute! x

  18. So soft and perfect for the summer. Great job!

  19. Super pretty, perfect for summer :)
    By the way I love your sweater!

  20. Siz: That's a great idea :DD To wear that look at uni when celebrating some finnish holiday.. ^_^

    Ariel: Thanks :D

    BLIX: Thank you!

    FashionGirlMonica: Thank you :)


  21. yeah :D hope I don't forget it then xD wouldn't be good coz I was so looking forward to do that and look at the faces they make when I'm coming with lips like that ^^


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