Saturday, 9 October 2010

Jann Wilde @ Klubi on 29th Sept

It's been ages since I went to gigs at Klubi and I had totally forgotten how great place it is for taking pictures! The lighting is always so good! The gig was great, as always.

The downside of being 18: The gigs with age limit are usually so late at bars that there's no buses going to the city where I live. I don't have a driving licence and my parents can't always come to pick me up.. So this time I had to ask my little brother. Yeah, he came to pick me up from Tampere by his motorbike. I was sooo scared, it was the first time ever when I'm aboard... It was a wonder that I didn't broke his leather jacket with my nails when I was holding it sooo hard :'D Anyway, we didn't crash or fall or anything, I'm still alive!


  1. Hooray for gigs at awesome venues!

    But boo on the lack of public transport to come back from them! I'm glad to hear you guys came back safe and sound! ;)

  2. :D I'm glad u're still alive!! ^^
    yeah well ^^ someday you maybe get your driving licence incase you want to get one ;)

    oh and the best thing is ^^ you can go to any gig of JW you want to =)
    wish I could... but I'm so hoping to come next year for whole year to Suomi :D yay!! ^^ btw ;) I can already do numbers =P

  3. @Pili: Hooray for gigs at venues with proper lighting! hoory was succesful gig pictures! :D Yeah.. I'm glad my brother came to pick me up, even though it was scary.. Otherwise I should have waited till morning till I can go home..

    @Siz: Heheh I'm glad too! I don't want a driving licence... Too expensive and I don't want to own a car and bahh that'd be dangerous to let me drive something else than a bike XD
    Yaay :DD I'm quite late answering to comments here... so I suppose you can do now even more than just numbers ^_^ Hopefully you could come here next year!



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