Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Miss Divet drag show @ Ideapark on 26th Sept

A couple weeks ago Marko Vainio aka Miss Divet was performing @Ideapark. Nea and I went to see his drag show, of course. I haven't ever seen any drag shows before, other than Linnea Von Kattendam. I love drag artists though, and I'd love to see them more often but there haven't been any shows I could have gone to before..

Miss Divet's costume changes were super quick... The show lasted about 30 mins and he was playing at least 14 different international or Finnish stars! I don't even know all of them, that's not because his costumes aren't recognizable, but just because I don't know all those people everyone else seems to know, heh.

So.. Here's pictures of most of the characters he played.

  Lady Gaga

 Johanna Tukiainen

Tina Turner

Anita Hirvonen

 Amy Winehouse

Antti Tuisku

Lauri Tähkä

 And here he is, Marko Vainio after the show without the wigs..

My favourite part was of course Lady Gaga - Bad Romance. It's the only one I took also a video of...

I definitely want to see him again. And any other drag artists too.


  1. That looks like it must have been a lot of fun!

  2. This looks like SUCH fun! Gotta love anything relating to Lady Gaga.
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment! Yours is fab; I can't wait for more!
    xo Josie

  3. That looks so awesome! the costumes are great!

  4. i love drag show!!! i love the confident and the way they carry out the characters, so fun!

  5. whoa :D seems like you've been to a brilliant show =D
    I haven't been to any drag show yet but I definitely wanna go to one :D coz I 2 love drags =)

  6. Lol I love queen shows, they are hella fun =)

  7. hahahah great photos of the guy!

    Cheers, B & Liv

  8. funny! amy winehouse is good. whatever happened to her? she's long overdue for another great album.

  9. lol that looks amazing!
    thanks for sharing :)

  10. Wow!! Those were a lot of different outfits and characters!! So much fun!! I've never been to a drag artist performance but they look so cool! xoxoxoxoxoo

  11. @Pili: It was!

    @Kimberly: Yeah!

    @Mara: It was fun!

    @Josie: Yeah, you're right! Gotta love anything relating to Lady Gaga.. She's amazing. And thanks!!

    @Rita: Yeah!

    @StuddedLilly: I love them too! Ahh, men in make up ♥

    @Siz: Yeah it was a brillian show :) I'd love to go to more drag shows.. I love drag queens! As you know :D And yeah you should go too! And let me know what are drag queens in Austria like :D

    @Amandita: Yeah :D

    @blivbook: heh yeah :)

    @simplychick: It definitely was funny. :D I don't know what's happened to Amy Winehouse.. I'm not really listening to her music and don't know anything :/

    @R May A: Yeah no problem :)

    @Fashion Cappucino: Indeed! It's so great that he chose to perform so different characters.. some famous glamorous female singers, something more ordinary and also some guys.. If you ever have a chance, I'd definitely recommend you to go and see a drag show, they always seem to be amazing and so much fun :DD


  12. Hilarious guy! :)

  13. @Pusuhuulet: Yeah, he is.. The show was great :D x

  14. wow that gotta be hilarious !! =D

  15. yeah I will tell ya if I find some ... well I'm sure there are as I guess I once told you I got to know some in the train but there hasn't been one show where I could've gone to now =/
    hopefully there is one soon :D

  16. @Princess Feef: yeah it was! :D

    @Siz: Let's hope there's a show where you could go soon ^__^


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