Thursday, 16 June 2011

corset & skirt

I had almost forgotten to post pics of the corset and the skirt I made!

This is the first corset ever that I've made. I'm quite happy how it turned out, I like that silvery/grey fabric, and the fact that I can get about 10cm smaller waist!

Actually I dont like that skirt anymore though, hahah and I'm thinking about turning it into just a simple black tulle skirt. We'll see.

Sorry for the lack of posting & commenting on your blogs lately, I've been having great, fun time with my friend Voodo who came to Helsinki from Ylivieska! Going to catch up as soon as I go back home again! :)


  1. I love the corset! What an amazing fabric!!

    And the skirt, I think would look better without the purple fabric on the side...

  2. You're so talented...I'm just a newbie at sewing. Can't wait till I can do things like this!!

  3. YOU MADE THIS? For god's sake girl, get yourself an etsy shop or something. I'd pay decent money for a corset that pretty!

  4. this is by far my most favorite outfit i have ever seen you in. i just love it all!


  5. WOW! Fantastic job on the corset! I really like your outfit as well!

  6. you look amazing! did u just make it using a pattern?

  7. Yeah, definitely agreeing with Robyn -- I love the corset AND the black ruffly skirt!

  8. I can't believe you made this! It's amazing!
    You are so talented! I'm jealous.

  9. i think the corset looks really awesome~~~cant blv you made it yourself~~~yo ur sooo talented


  10. wiah you mad it on your own? imperssive!

  11. I like it, is different and original¡¡

  12. i lovee that youre so unique! & you seem very nicee so im following you :) <3 xx

  13. @Pili: Thanks! I love the fabric, I was meant to buy some purple fabric but couldn't find fabric exactly like I had planned I want, and then I saw this ... :D And yeah you're right about the skirt, and that's why I'm going to edit it a bit ^_^ Hahah that happens when I start doing something when I have too many ideas and don't know exactly what I want to do...

    @erica marie: Thanks! I've studied sewing for 2 years now :) Always looking at some amazing pieces on runway and thinking, "ahh can't wait till I can do THAT!" :D

    @Robyn: Yes, I made it! Hehh, I've thought about creating an online shop someday, but not before I've bought a really good sewing machine and overlocker to use at home too.. That will cost thousands euros, hahh. But if you want me to do a corset like this, or something else, to you, just let me know ! ^_^

    @NANCY: Thank you! <3

    @Vulcan_Butterfly: Thank you!!

    @Angie: Thanks! Yes, I made it using a pattern... But the pattern was also made by me ;D

    @Cydonian: Thanks!!

    @weasel: Aww thanks!

    @Jessy: Thanks!!

    @fitdoesmatter: Yeah I made it on my own! :) Thanks!

    @mi rincon fashion: Thanks!

    @Sharon: Thanks! <3 I'll check out your blog too :)


  14. Waou!!! J adore ton look!!! La jupe j adore!!!
    Angela Donava

  15. Taas oot muuttamassa sitä, kun koulussaki leikkasit siitä iha ronskisti puolet pois. :D Päätä jo. :D

  16. I've been wanting to make a tulle skirt for a while!

  17. wow you made that corset? jeepers it is absolutely gorgeous x

  18. Oh My...can't believe you made this awesome corset. Absolutely love it and hello the tutu it. Beautiful from head to toe.

    <3 Marina

  19. gosh this is so fabulous and uber sexy...I agree, open an etsy shop asap xxx

  20. awesome corset! :)

  21. You made this corset, wow! xo

  22. @Angela: Merci!!

    @Mimski: JOO! En ikinä oo tyytyväine enkä ikinä osaa päättää mitä haluun :D

    @joana: Thanks!

    @aki: Why not to make one! ^_^ I love tulle <3

    @jamie-lee: Yes I made it! Thanks!

    @Fashion.MakeUp.LifeStyle: Aww thank you <3

    @Karin: Thanks! As I replied earlier, I think I need a proper sewing machine to use at home before opening an etsy shop .. But well, if someone wants me to sew something for them now, they can just ask ^_^

    @Dilan Dilir: Thanks! :D

    @Gabrielle: Thanks!

    @Kat: Thanks! :)

    @Caroline Ergy Erg: Thanks!

    @Renée: Thanks!


  23. Wow! That outfit is incredible!



  24. oh.. so nice post.)
    Love your blog.))

    I now spend a survey of bloggers with such questions.
    1. Why did you create a blog?
    2. For whom you taking him? Want to be popular?
    3. How long will it keep going?

  25. so cool! you are so rock! love your style!

  26. O___O oh my ^^ I love this sooo much :D you're so talented... I really envy you for your sewing skills :D
    I definitely must try to get some skills at sewing too ... :)

  27. Amazing!
    Love your skirt and corset

    xoxo Ra

  28. Hi friend!!! I'm so so so in love with your corset... actually your entire outfit, I love it! But I'm really so impressed by your talent and I just read that you are learning dressmaking! My husband and I also studied this, and I'm so happy to share this commonality with you. (actually my husband does the dressmaking and I design:) You are so talented and so stylish... I adore this outfit and your hair looks awesome.


  29. PS. Following you on twitter now! :)

  30. I love all the ruffles! Gorgeous!

    Come follow my blog sweetie :)

  31. awesome, and i agree with Robyn! purple is my favorite color *drool*

  32. @Leia: Thanks!

    @Mary ♥ Mur: RThanks! :) I created my blog just for fun, I don't want to be popular but of course it's great to have lots of visitors and comments, as it lets me discover new blogs too and I love new people ^_^ And my blogging will keep going as long as I want to do it, who knows!

    @Laura: Thanks!

    @Siz: Aww thanks :DD I want to become much more talented <3 Yeah, try it!! :D

    @Ramona: Thanks!

    @Rachel {Da Paura ♥}: Thank youu! Oh I didn't even know that about you, that's so great! Anywhere where I could see your designs? :)
    I'm following you on twitter too! (I'm rarely tweeting though, just stalking other people there, hahah) Thank you! I love ruffles too and yeah I'll check out your blog!

    @noura: Thanks!

    @Lady: Thanks! :)


  33. That corset is absolutely freakin' gorgeous. You did an amazing job, and you look hot in it!



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