Saturday, 25 June 2011

inspiration; unique summer outfits

I got a request from Sarah to make a blog post on super unique summer outfits. As my own wardrobe is still super boring, I decided to share some pictures from my inspiration folder! Most of these outfits are something I'd love to wear!

Colours, lace, bows, and of course as it's summer and hot, lots of skin!  ♥


  1. what? these are amazing! i love the first one & the last one looks so much like you! is it you in the photo? :D

  2. ooh cool outfits!
    and I can definitely imagine myself lying on grass with my orange wing :)


  3. I wish i had a butterfly dress!

  4. That butterfly dress is too gorgeous for words!

    And I'd love to add to my wardrobe that pink dress with the kimono sleeves!

  5. @Daiane: Hehh thanks! It's not me in the pic though .. :D

    @Stevia: Awesome :) I so could imagine myself wearing almost any of these outfits <3 Or maybe only covered in glitter.. hehh

    @Caroline Ergy Erg: That's such an amazing dress, very summery print! <3

    @Pili: Yeah! I love those kimono sleeves :) Wouldn't mind adding any of these to my wardrobe!


  6. OMG the first dress is one of the greatest dresses I've ever seen. Beautiful.

  7. the pictures are so awesome!


  8. FABULOUS pictures! Super inspiriiing

  9. wow! these photos are amazing!! im like mesmerized right now :P

  10. wow! these photos are amazing!! im like mesmerized right now :P

  11. These photos are incredible!


  12. @weasel: Love the print!

    @NANCYXO: Yeah <3

    @inge luciana: Yeah =)

    @Joana: I knooow <3

    @Kat: Yeah they are!

    @Leia: Indeed!


  13. The butterfly dress is fab! And Lady Gaga definitely knows how to create eye-catching looks. Love that pink leopard print number as well.

  14. Hello!
    Really cool inspirations, yeah!
    A lot of tatoos and nice hairs!
    Do you have twitter?

  15. What an amazing assortment of vibrant photos & stunning pieces. Fabulous =)

  16. Wow all of these are quite amazing. That green and black bodice with the head piece are excellent parings. Love it!

  17. These all look like so much I'm excited to sew something. Thanks for the inspiration. I think I'm going to go buy fabric tomorrow.

  18. Wow!, these pictures are amazing!, I like it!


  19. these pictures are really cool and inspirational, it's like barbie with attitude, awesome post!

  20. Loooooooove jeffree star! :D

    I was also wondering if you could vote for me? Its for an elle magazine contest.
    It only takes 5 seconds :D !
    Go to the Nokia facebook page and then press gallery and view by date. When you see ‘The Black Maze’ with my picture just press 'i like' and you've voted!
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  21. wow that butterfly one has me stopped in my tracks! It's unbelievable! I think you should do a makeup look with this as inpiration! I would love to see your interpretation! xo

  22. These photos are so amazing! I love them all! Your taste in style is so contagious and beautiful!


  23. So colorful and inspirational!

  24. wow! the butterfly dress is absolutely stunning! want it :P

  25. Hey :D
    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  26. What a great pictures! thanks for sharing :).

    Hugs from:

  27. Mä niin haluan ton Raquelin hiukset x_x niin iiiiiiihana väri. x

  28. Bonjour!!!
    Super photos!!! J adore!!!!
    Angela Donava

  29. amazing photographs, i love aurdrey kitching, cant remember if thats how u spell it but yehh :) xx

  30. WOW these are all definitely truly inspiring and it makes my closet completely boring.!! LOL
    Great images loves them all. Happy 4th of July.

    <3 Marina

  31. @Haute World: I love the butterfly fabric, and yeah Lady Gaga definitely knows how to create such eye-catching looks, I love her style!

    @Sandra Leiva: Yeah <3

    @Marina: Yes, a lot of tattoos and nice hair and make up and clothes <3 Yes I have a twitter, ans seems like you already found me :) Started following you too! Hmmh I think I should be more active on twitter though..

    @Hayley: Yeah!

    @Fashion Tales: Indeed :)

    @erica marie: You're welcome! I'm glad if I've managed to inspire you too ^_^ These, among all other pics I've recently found, really inspire me too and I want to make my closet more interesting but it's been far too h ot to go to my room and sew anything yet 8( Would love to see what you've sewed though! :)

    @Rand T: Yeah!

    @Vistetecomopuedas: :)) <3

    @Pop Champagne: Thanks!! I've been saving sooo many pics to my inspirational folder and wanted to share few of them with all of you again ^_^

    @Pieter: I love Jeffree Star too! <3 And yeah, I voted for you! 115th vote ^_^

    @Taj Acosta: Thanks for the suggestion, I'll keep that in mind when I'm going to play with make up soon! :D

    @Rachel {Da Paura}: I should start making my style to be more like what I want it to be .. I love this kind of style but my own wardrobe is still so boring :D

    @aki!: Yeah that was my intention, to make a colourful and inspirational post ;D

    @Laura: Me too!

    @Sofie: My pleasure :)

    @V A N E S S A: You're welcome :D

    @Vagina Galore: Joo on ne ihanat <3 Sininen ei ihan mun väri oo, mut noi sen violetit hiukset tosta yhestä kuvasta voisin kyllä ottaa <3 Yyhh miks piti munki värjätä niin mustaks hiukset ku ei tähä mitää värejä saa omia hiuksiaan tappamatta ...

    @Jazzy E (hivenn): Yeah!

    @Francesca: Yeah :)

    @Angela: Merci :)

    @Ria : Audrey Kitching <3 Difficult name but a goooorgeous girl!

    @Fashion.MakeUp.LifeStyle: Indeeeed, I love looking at pictures like these but I hate how boring they make my wardrobe ... :D


  32. I would like to more know about it. asthma


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