Tuesday, 21 June 2011

VOODO / summer 2011 ♥

Voodo is one of my best friends, but she lives in Ylivieska which is about 400km from where I live, so we can't meet so often.. But, she came here couple weeks ago and we spent a week together and had a great time, as always! ♥

Our week involved
  • Going to a bar with my dad
  • and being teached about the facts of love by some old drunk men
  • swimming in the middle of the night
  • biking home wearing only shirts and towels in our heads
  • sleeping in the balcony
  • and being eaten by mosquitos
  •  walking and boiling in the sun
  • arguing with my brother
  •  laughing
  • and entertaining other people who happened to be there and hear us
  • taking pictures and videos
  • discussing about her mysterious underwear
  •  playing with tape and the adjustable wrench that we found from the beach
  •  taking more pictures
  • admiring finnish men's style
  • talking with some random drunk people at night
  • having a brunch with one of them next day
  • tasting crayfish tails for the first time
  • taking more and more pictures..
  • having more and more fun taking more pictures
  •  went to Linnanmäki (amusement park)
  • had fun running with those pink people
  • took also couple rides (unfortunately there's no picture or video material of how fun it was, hah)

  • watching some old horror movie
  • and timon and pumba
  • spending a whole day only watching donald duck
  • and of course, last but not least, eating lots of junk food ... (hahah I wish we took a picture of all the food we ate...)

Voodo, I love you harikamuru, your :C -smile is the most beautiful ever! Can't wait to see you and eat with you, and maybe go to a plane that goes upside down again! ♥


  1. Sound like you two had a lot of fun! Best friends are much needed in our lives to make us smile! xo

  2. Ahh, your week looks like it was so much fun! Great pics :D

  3. This looks like my kind of adventure! I'm really craving it!

  4. how fun : ) good friends are so important...

  5. It sounds and by looking at all the pics that you had an amazing time with your BF!! Love getting visits of friends. Thx for sharing.

    <3 Marina

  6. It looks like you two had so much fun together!

    I also really love your lacy leggings in one of the pics:) xx

  7. wow :D seems like a fun time :D
    such fun moments should never last =)
    you sure had a blast ^^

  8. It's amazing having such great moments with the people we love!

  9. You had a great time!

    My friend moved do Scotland, we don't see each other very often, and I miss my friend. We do similar things that you do when we meet, so this post is really close to me.

  10. @Taj Acosta: Yes we definitely did have fun! You're so right, best friends are much needed. <3

    @Caroline Ergy Erg: Yeah it was fun! :D

    @Gabrielle: Hope you have this kind of adventure soon too! There's nothing better than having great time with great friends <3

    @Lady: Indeed! :)

    @Fashion.MakeUp.Lifestyle: Yes I did have an amazing time! I love getting visits of friends too, especially if they're ones who live so far away that you don't see them so often..

    @Ashley: Yes we did ^_^ THanks! I noticed that lacy leggins much be a little bit cooler in such a boiling hot days than normal black leggins, hahah..

    @Siz: Yeeees and hey, soon I can make a blog post about our fun moments again! :DD

    @Pili: Indeed!

    @weasel: Aww, I'm sorry to hear about your friend moving to Scotland and you not being able to see each other so often anymore! But hey, there's also good sides of having a long distance friendships, at least you'll never get bored as you meet so rarely, the time you spend together is always amazing. <3



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