Wednesday, 22 June 2011

The Voodoo Nights @ Jack The Rooster on 16th June

Great gig, as always.

I love Arde's style, it's so unique. Hats, ruffles, the way he combines colours and prints!

Check them out on myspace!

I had to walk all the way home from Tampere, it was about 16km and took me nearly 3 hours. I decided to walk, just for fun.. But later I realised that I had no choice, it wasn't weekend yet so there were no night buses going to where I live. I had other shoes in my bag, so I didn't have to walk home in heels, hehh.


  1. Great pics and yes agreed with you love the ruffles and the combination of colors and textures.

    <3 Marina

  2. @Fashion.MakeUp.LifeStyle: Yeah :) And this wasn't an exception, he always has amazing outfits and great combos!



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