Tuesday, 10 May 2011

It's summer!

Finally! ♥ And soon we can start complaining how it's far too hot ;D

After school, Heidi & I went to Passion to have drinks on terrace.. Heidi wanted to buy me that one drink as she remembered it tasted delicious.. (But it only tasted like orange juice, I guess she was too drunk when she drank it last time ;D)

Then we went to sit in the park and eat ice cream! After that Heidi had a sudden urge to go to swim for the first time this year ... and well, if she wants to do something, she has to do it immediately ;D I went with her, though I didn't wet but only my feet, water was freezing cold! Heidi just jumped into water before even trying the temperature..

 (I hope she doesn't kill me for uploading these pics!)


Had a nice day with her, now we have some GREAT plans for the summer and I just can't wait till my holiday begins!


  1. 9 months... my belly is BIG at the second pic. Food <3.

  2. thanks for your comment
    great blog


  3. Hooray for summer! Over here is getting sunny and warm too, probably more than over there, but I'm such a chicken for cold temperatures, so to jump in the water, it has to be like July or August over here!

    And btw, I'll have to give a try to the Vampire Diaries books (and the show too!).

  4. @Hepi: We all love food ♥

    @AzaharaJS: Thanks!

    @Pili: Indeed, hooray for summer! Hehh I don't like cold temperatures either .. I'm not going to swim in the beginning of the summer.. But I've devided that this year I WILL go swimming! Hehh last year I didn't swim at all.. and the year before that, maybe once ... :D
    Yeah, I really recommend to give a try to them, they're great!! :)



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