Sunday, 1 May 2011

The Voodoo Nights @ Vastavirtaklubi on 24th April

Great gig.

(You can listen to The Voodoo Nights here)

My look of the day.

We were meant to go to see Johanna Tukiainen performing too, after this gig.. But we missed it, as there was just far too many people and we couldn't get in.. What a disappointment!.. Better luck next time!


  1. Looking gorgeous!
    And handsome was used in the old times for females too ;)

  2. wow your look was/is fantastic :) love the make-up ^^
    awww... looking forward to go to gigs with u again :D can't wait for july to come =D... and maybe I'll be in suomi in sep already for my term abroad <3 aww :D I'm so excited =D

  3. @Pili: Thank youu! :) Hehh I have no problem if someone calls me handsome, I love androgynity ^_^

    @Siz: Thank you! :) <3 Yeahh can't wait either! Not such a long time left till we can go to gigs together ... yaay ♥ Ohh really?? Back to Finland already in September? That would be amazing! :D



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