Saturday, 7 May 2011

The Voodoo Nights @ O'Hara's on 6th May

Check them out on myspace !

My outfit of the day.

Arde (the singer) also gave us The Voodoo Nights t-shirts! Thanks :)

Hmmh.. Now there's the whole rest of the weekend just for myself, what should I do? Maybe play with make up? ;)


  1. how cool :D you got t-shirts =D
    and they look so cool :D aww ^^ must've been a great gig :D

  2. Wow you're wearing a t-shirt.. something you can't see very often lol ! :D
    And it's a serious crime if you're not going to play with makeup ! And you have to do a post about it. Thank you. :DD

  3. @Siz: Yeah :D I wanted to have that t-shirt a long time ago but all payment methods where credit card or something so I couldn't order it .. so cool that now I got it, and for free :DD

    @Nea: Hehh .. I very rarely wear t-shirts, but sometimes at home so no one sees me wearing them ;D Sorryyy ... I'm such a criminal :(( Didn't play with make up even though the plan was to do so... Fabrics were more tempting ♥



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