Saturday, 7 May 2011

summer shoes

How is it possible to be so impossible to find perfect shoes?

I know I've always been too picky and I've never liked shoes too much.. But since I bought my first heels last year, I thought it'd be much easier to find great shoes now as I know I can walk in heels too.. And the best looking shoes are usually heels!

This week I spent 3 days going around all the shoe stores in Tampere .. but didn't even find anything worth trying on.

I even started to consider buying shoes online, for the first time ever! Hehh, looking for shoes online, I found these funky wedges though! I probably couldn't walk in them but they look great and I'd loove to try these on!

Well.. Couldn't find anything amazing and wearable shoes online either, so I gave up. Shoes that I absolutely LOVE - I guess they don't exist.

So I went back to Ideapark and tried on the wedges @Dinsko that are almost like the pair I bought last year, but they just look a bit more boring as they don't have a decorative zipper or anything, they're just plain black wedges. Boooring. I wanted to find something... well, SOMETHING else. But as I couldn't find that something, and I still need to wear some shoes anyway, I had to try these on..

And yeah. It was love at the first try-out! Just like last year.. Even though they look too plain for my taste.. But who cares how they look if they feel perfect!

And if you wonder why I don't wear the last year's heels as they look a bit better than these... Well, I'm such a shoe killer... As if they were alive anymore, I wore them through the whole last summer! ;D


  1. Well, shoes can be a love & hate relationship!

    And if they're a lil plain, you can always decorate them yourself!

  2. you're right they look similar to your last pair but that's no problem :) they're wearable to anykind of outfit though :D
    and if they're too boring do what Pili said :D decorate them yourself =)

  3. Those shoes are crazy, how would someone wear something like that, I do wonder! I'm no good with heels either, have tons but hardly wear them! xoxo
    Thanks for visiting

  4. those shoes are killer, love your blog

  5. those shoes look like they are so hard to walk in! lol

  6. lol, the new ones you got are cute though and super versatile. great buy :)

  7. your shoes are awesome:) and waow those shoes in the first picture! such art.

  8. @Pili: Yeah .. In my life it's been mostly hate relationship though :D
    And you're right, I could always decorate them myself !

    @Siz: It's not the problem that they look similar to my old pair, as the old pair is dead and I can't wear them anymore .. And I liked them! And yeah she's right, I could decorate them myseld.. I was thinking about changing the shoe laces and adding bows etc but on the other hand, maybe it's quite good that they're just plain shoes, at least they go with any kind of outfit!

    @Cindy: I know! Sooo crazy. Would love to try them on someday :D Lady Gaga has worn something quite similar .. And I've seen pics of her falling in those shoes, hehh. Wedges are amazing, have you any? They're so easy to walk in and look great, and don't even feel like heels!

    @Aissata: Thank you!

    @Isabel: Indeed! :D

    @fashioneddplant: Thank you :) I like them too, evcen though they're so plain, at least they go with any outfit!

    @Cylia: Thanks! And yeah the shoes in the first pic are amaaazing, maybe wearable art :D


  9. Heippa, mä kattelin mortician kenkii ja nää pisti silmää ja tuli heti sinä mielee. :D

  10. @DAmned Roses: Yyhh haluun noi seeprat <3 Oisit linkittäny aikasemmi, ei mulla enää kenkärahaa oo :(



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