Monday, 16 May 2011

leopard dress

This is a dress I made last week. For the leopard top I used some old jeans I got from my ex-boyfriend as a chrismas present couple years ago (hehh, they were size 46 and faaar too large for me!)

For the skirt part I used some old long skirt I got from somewhere but haven't ever worn as I'm not a fan of maxi skirts.. Made a short bubble skirt out of it and attached it to the leopard top.

Wasn't happy with the way the dress looked when I wore it as I'm not .. hmmh.. as flat-chested as I'd like to be :D So I wanted to add those black ruffles to do some covering so I feel more comfortable.


  1. i'm following :)

    nice hair ! i realy like it :)

  2. made this're so talented and loving the hint of leopard is just so pretty.

    Thx for your comment on my blog and I would love to follow each other..let me know.


  3. Awesome dress! You have nice make up. :)

  4. You want a flatter chest? Oh honey, I'll gladly switch! This dress is so cool. I think it's amazing that you're studying to work in fashion. Good luck to you!

  5. That's such an awesome dress! And I love how you give new & improved life to garments that were useless before!

  6. Very edgy yet very girly dress. You have great style. xo style, she wrote

  7. that is amazing - so jealous right now =)

  8. @coctail: Thank you!:)

    @(Fashion.MakeUp.Lifestyle): Aww thank you! I want to be talented ;D

    @Thu: Thanks! :) I love make up!

    @Ashley: Yes, I definitely would love to have a flatter chest! I guess I'm just not such an ordinary girl :D But yeah, let's switch! ;D
    And thanks! I'm studying to become a dressmaker and I LOVE it!

    @Pili: Thank you! Yeah, I'd rather give a new life to old useless garments than throw them away and buy some new fabrics :)

    @Style, She Wrote: Thank you! :)

    @Angie: Aww thanks! Don't be jealous, you can make one like this for yourself too! ;)


  9. Exquisite job!
    Love it!


  10. thanks to visited my again !

    I love Ian too <3 hi'll by my husband hahah xD in my dream xD
    I first saw him in Lost too and I was sad when he died !!!! in VD he is the best person in all movie! he i so sexy <3 and i lobe when he is dancing mrrr :D

  11. Cute dress! I love the pop of color you added with the necklace too!! Keep it glam!! xo

  12. u made this dress?? wow, u are so talented!! really love this dress. :)

  13. Tres belle ta robe!!! j aime ton style!!!
    Angela Donava

  14. @Fashion.MakeUp.LifeStyle: Thank you!

    @Couture Carrie: Thanks!

    @coctail: I always check out the logs of the people who comment on mine, no matter if I've visited them before ;D And there's some blogs saved to my bookmarks even though I'm not following them, and I sometimes go to visit them too..
    Hahahh you can only dream .. He's mine! ;DD He definitely is the best character in Vampire Diaries, not just because of his stunning looks :D Sooo sexy. One of those very rare guys who I like ;D And yeah I know, his dancing is amaaazing .. I once watched some movie in which he was dancing on the bed wearing only boxers, that was so hilarious ;D

    @Taj Acosta: Thank youu! :)

    @ince luciana: Yeah, I made it! Thanks! :D

    @Angela: Merci!! :)


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  16. love the leo corsage! hot!

  17. Wild, fashionable and outstanding!
    Absolutely fabulous!!

  18. a little bit of leopard is always good!:)

  19. Oh clever, love the blue eyemakeup in a previous post, looks great on you.

    Cheers for the cool comment, thank you so much.
    xoxo DJ

  20. omg beautifuuuul dress! LOVE IT xx

  21. The dress is very beautiful! I love it:)

  22. cool blog.
    I invite you to my watchers:

  23. Fabulous! I've always adored leopard and this dress is amazing :)

  24. Oh incredible work! I can't believe the leopard part once used to be a pair of jeans. The dress suits you perfectly and I love the bubble skirt part too.

  25. I've been going crazy about leopard print too lately! :)


  26. Wow, I love it! You are so creative and stylish!


  27. jonna! you are quite a seamstress, I see :)
    i love the bubble effect at the bottom!


  28. @Jenny: Thanks!

    @ModeKarussell: I'll check it out!

    @Melina: Thanks!

    @Mandy: Thanks!

    @Cylia: Indeed! :)

    @Dustjacket Attic: Thank you! More make up posts coming soon :)

    @Catherine: Thankyouu!

    @Liezy L: Thanks!

    @Ashley: Thanks :)

    @Seriously not serious: Thanks, I'll check yours out!

    @THE ALTERNATIVE WIFE: Thank youu!

    @Haute World: Thanks! Hehh I know.. Maybe I shoulöd have taken "before" and "after" pics ;D So great to use fabrics from some useless garments and make something brand new out of them!

    @Ioana Liliana: I've been crazy about leopard print for the last few years, hehh. Lately I've fallen in love with zebra print too! :D

    @Rachel: Thank youu! :)

    @Stevia: Aww thank you! <3



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