Saturday, 21 May 2011


Bye bye Pillarpox Red, it's Plum now!

I wanted to turn the red part of my hair into purple already few months ago but there (in Backstreet) happened to be only every other colour but no Plum which is the purple I wanted, so I had to stay with red a little bit longer ..

But as you can see, now it's purple! :) I love red, but change is always good too! And as I'd like to bring some colours into my wardrobe, purple is better hair colour because it goes better with everything, unlike red..

Playing with bleach would be nice too, I don't know if I want so big part of my hair to be black anymore!  Maybe some of my friends wants to help me with that someday. Hmmh.. Rainbow hair sounds tempting .... ;)


  1. It's beautiful! Goes so well with that shade of lipstick and your top aswell!

  2. Wow...crazy Hair... I love it !!!

  3. OOOOOO RAKASTAN TOTA ;_______; <3

  4. Your stripe top is so nice!

  5. I think you might be the only one who could carry off that color

  6. It looks gorgeous! Plum purple hair really suits you!

  7. That color looks so great on you; I love it! FYI I have a bottle of purple hair dye just waiting to be used, but I'm so lazy:) Seeing your awesome hair might persuade me to get up and dye my hair:D xx

  8. I totally love it!!! You look fabulous :)

  9. wow the purple really works for you!

  10. The purple looks so good!
    I'm currently debating about dip-dying my ends pink, suuuper tempted...

  11. your HAIR! Love the color <3

  12. I am in love with your hair! Purple and black together are so beautiful!

  13. wauw amazing color! looks good and I like the haircut!


  14. the colour is amazing:) great for spring.

  15. "Change" is refreshing!
    Purple is as cool as red!

  16. Thankyou for your comment! wow amazing hair! feel free to follow me ;) i will follow back =) xx

  17. Waou!!! Super couleur!!!
    J aime
    Angela Donava

  18. your hair is absolutely awesome! love it!

  19. Your hair is insanely fabulous. I wish I had your style. :)

  20. I love it...just fabulous!! I'm jealous you can pull this off..So cool


  21. Wow! Awesome hair! I wish I had the guts to do something like that!

  22. Aww so many lovely comments! Thank youuu everyone! ♥

    @Aoife: Thanks!

    @Behind the curtain: Not the craziest one I've seen ;D But thanks!!

    @Mutsu: Jeee kiitos niin määkin <3 Aattelin blondailla jossai vaiheessa ja lisäännyttää tota väriä .. ^_^

    @Maddalena: Thanks!

    @Rania: Yeah thanks! It's a dress I bought from some vintage store in Camden Town ^_^

    @RAW Fashion Magazine: Aww thanks! I'm sure anyone could carry any colour they want!

    @Pili: Thank youu!

    @Ashley: Thanks!! :) Aww I'm glad to hear if I might have inspired you to take a break from being lazy and dye your hair into some fab colour ;D

    @THE ALTERNARIVE WIFE: Thank you!! :)

    @M & Em: Thanks!

    @Lucy: Thank you! Yeah, DO IT! I love dip-dyed hair <3 (it's weird that haven't ever tried it to myself though!)

    @Catherine: Thank you <3

    @Vulcan_Butterfly: Thank you!! :D

    @Jenny: Thanks!

    @Cylia: Thanks :)

    @Mandy: They're both awesome colours but purple is easier to combine with other colours.. :D

    @Radiant.MakeUp: Thanks! :)

    @KyandiiCandy: Thank you!

    @Angela: Merci!! :)

    @Megan: Thanks!

    @Gracey: Thanks!

    @Jennifer Fabulous: Aww thank youuu! Don't wish that ... You're fabulous as yourself, you can create an even more fabulous style ♥

    @Fashion.MakeUp.Lifestyle: Thanks!! :) Anyone can pull anything off that they want. ;D

    @Vanessa, Take only Memories: Thank you! Just do it, why not!! :D


  23. i like the purple colour :)

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog. check it out :)

  24. @LULUCHERIE: Thanks, me too ^_^ I'll check it out!



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